VestGuard Covert Ballistic Vest (NIJ IIIA)

  • NIJ Level IIIA Protection Level
  • NIJ National Institute of Justice Certified
  • Covert Body Protection
  • Flexible Soft Armour
  • Weight (Size Large) – 2.1 Kg
  • Unidirectional Aramid Construction
  • Adjustable Shoulders & Sides
  • Internal Coolmax Mesh
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • 5 Year Protection Guarantee
  • 1 Year Carrier Excellence Warranty


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£402.00 (Incl.VAT)

Robust NIJ Level IIIA Protection Level
The VestGuard Covert Ballistic Vest is certified to the latest NIJ standards to an NIJ Level IIIA level. It offers protection against handgun fire from a variety of different velocities. Due to its unidirectional aramid construction, it also protects against blunt force such as punches or blunt weapons with protection given edge to edge for the whole of the armour panel. The Nationational Institute of Justice standards are the most widely used international standard for body armour certification. For more information of the protection levels offered by NIJ body armour, please consult the latest NIJ Standards.
Aramid_Fibre_Icon Unidirectional Aramid Construction
The VestGuard Covert Ballistic Vest (NIJ IIIA) panels are made using a unidirectional aramid construction to provide a thin, lightweight and flexible armour and these are held by a lightweight polycotton outer carrier. Aramid Fibre, often branded as Kevlar, is the gold standard in ballistic protection materials as used in the majority of ballistic body armours around the world. The armour panels are also oil and waterproof.
Covert_Body_Armour_Icon Ultra Covert Armour
This ultra covert body armour is very low profile at 5-7mm thick and weighing in at only 2.1KGs (based on a large size). The cover has thin elasticated Velcro shoulder and waist straps so that the vest does not create lumps under a shirt or jacket and remains invisible.
Adjustable_Body_Armour_Icon Fully Adjustable
The VestGuard Covert Ballistic Vest (NIJ IIIA) has 6 low profile elasticated straps, one for each shoulder and two on each side of the waist to give a secure and customised fit. This ensures the armour stays in place and remains comfortable.
Cooling_Icon Coolmax Ventilation Lining
The VestGuard Covert Ballistic Vest (NIJ IIIA) cover is lined with a Coolmax ventilation layer that helps reduce the build up of heat when the armour is worn close to the body. This is particularly important for covert armours as they will generally have several layers of clothing over them.
Comfortable Polycotton Cover
Covert body armour is worn as close to the body as possible to prevent detection which inevitably results in some skin to armour contact. Unlike overt vests which have Cordura covers, the VestGuard Covert Ballistic Vest (NIJ IIIA) uses a light polycotton that causes less irritation and is comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods.
Made_in_the_UK Made in the UK
This Home Office certified vest was designed and manufactured in the UK. VestGuard supply body armour to civilian and military organisations around the world and are a well-established British brand.
Hand Gun Protection NIJ Level IIIA
Knife Protection Not tested under NIJ Standard
Spike Protection Not tested under NIJ Standard
Certification Standard NIJ Level IIIA
Armour Panel Materials Unidirectional Aramid
Cover Materials Poly Cotton
Weight (Size Large) 2.1 Kg
Adjustable Shoulders Yes
Adjustable Waist Yes
Zip-Front Access No
Protection Guarantee 5 Years
Carrier Warranty 1 Year

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