Turtleskin Duty Cut Resistant Gloves

  • Cut and Slash Protection
  • Needle Protection
  • Minimal Reduction to Dexterity
  • Comfortable for Extended Use
  • Ultra-Tight Aramid Fibre Weave
  • Tested to EN388 Standards
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty
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High_Slash_Protection_Icon Cut and Slash Protection
The Turtleskin Duty, also known as the Turtleskin Workwear Plus, makes use of the patented Turtleskin Material to offer protection against slash and cut damage. This model is designed to be used to perform detailed manual tasks and as such use a thinner layer than some other models but still maintains an EN388 Cut Level 2 rating.
Needle_Protection_Icon Needle Protection
The Turtleskin Duty (Workwear Plus) Slash & Needle Resistant Gloves offer protection against punctures and needles. This allows wearers to carefully search bags and areas where there is a risk of exposure to hypodermic needles. These gloves have been tested to provide adequate protection against up to .75 lbs of force against a 28 Gauge Needle.
Flexible Minimal Reduction to Dexterity
The Turtleskin Duty (Workwear Plus) Slash & Needle Resistant Gloves were made for wearers that plan to undertake more complex manual tasks than they would wearing some of the other models. While no protective glove can offer 100% movement, the Turtleskin Duty does try its best not to get in the way and allows a greater range of motion for fingers and thumbs, while typing, tightening, picking or other manual tasks.
Long_Product_LIfe_Icon Comfortable for Extended Use
The Turtleskin Duty (Workwear Plus) Slash & Needle Resistant Gloves are comfortable to wear and are constructed from leather and knitted mesh with a thin layer of patented Turtleskin Material along the protection areas. The use of high-end materials means that gloves are not burdensome and can be worn for extended periods of time.
Aramid_Fibre_Icon Ultra-Tight Aramid Weave
Turtleskin’s patented material is made using an ultra-tight Aramid weave. The company boats that the weave is the tightest in the world though this is not independently verified. By having the Aramid fibres bound so closely together, the gloves leave little room for bladed edges to enter and thus protects the wearer. Aramid Fibre is better known by its branded name, Kevlar.
Certified_Icon Tested to EN388 Standards
The Turtleskin Duty (Workwear Plus) Slash & Needle Resistant Gloves has been thoroughly tested to EN388 European Standards for Safety Gloves. It has cut resistance of level 2, puncture resistance level 3, tear-resistance level 4 and abrasion resistance level 3.
Made_in_the_USA Made in the USA
The Turtleskin Brand is a product of US textile manufacturer, Warwick Mills, who produces all of their patented Turtleskin Material in the United States of America. While made in the USA, Turtleskin gloves are a common top choice for knife and cut resistant gloves UK customers.
Colour Black
Available Sizes XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXL
Materials Used Turtleskin, Aramid, Leather, Knit
Blade Cut Resistance 3
Puncture Resitance 2
Tear Resistance 4
Abrasion Resistance 3

Interconnective Glove Sizing Chart

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