Pinnacle PR6 Body Camera (LITE)

  • 1080p Recording
  • Front Activation
  • 130 ° Lens
  • 32 GB Storage
  • Freeze Frame Technology
  • USB 3.0 for fast data transfer
  • Fast-charging dock
  • IP66 Rating
  • Includes clips, dock, cable, charger and mini screwdriver
  • Does not include the Pinnacle Digital Evidence Management System

NOTE: This version of the PR6 does not include the Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) software. Should you wish to upgrade to the PR6 DEMS later, you can purchase a software license separately by contacting us on 01494 446965.

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

£514.00 (Incl.VAT)

Police Body Cam 1080p Recording Icon High Quality, Front Activation Video and Audio Recording
The Pinnacle PR6 LITE Body Camera records in HD at 1080p, It has adjustable video quality settings and can record at up to 30 FPS. It also uses a convenient front slide switch for activation making turning on/off recording quick and easy. This well-known police body cam, is also widely adopted in a variety of sectors and industries.
Police Body Cam Freeze Frame Technology Freeze Frame Technology
A common issue when viewing footage is the clarity of individual frames for the purposes of identifying the subject of the recording. The Pinnacle PR6 LITE Body Camera uses Freeze Frame Technology which offers much greater clarity when an individual frame is used.
Police Camera Pre-Record Icon Pre Record
The Pinnacle PR6 LITE Body Camera has a pre-record function. The device, while on, is constantly processing footage, and when it is not set to record, this data is dumped after a set period of time. Pre-record means that when the record button is pressed, the 20 seconds of video (not audio) which was processed before activation is attached to the footage. Users generally press record once an incident has started, Pre-record allows footage of the lead up to the incident to also be viewed.
Police Camera Low Light Icon Low Light
The Pinnacle PR6 LITE Body Camera has Low-light functionality built into the standard lens which allows footage to be recorded in dimly lit areas such as car parks. This means that users can use the body camera in environments as low as .2 lux.
Tamper_resistant_camera Tamper Resistant
The Pinnacle PR6 LITE Body Camera system is designed to preserve footage as part of a chain of custody. The camera is a self-contained unit which cannot be accessed or altered by unauthorised personnel who do not have permission to do so. The memory is built-in and cannot be removed. There is no interface on the camera itself which prevents file viewing or deletion. Tamper Resistance is essential if one is looking to use a device as a police camera.
Direct_usb_upload_Camera Direct Upload
The Pinnacle PR6 LITE Body Camera is a direct upload camera and connects to most PCs using a USB 3.0 docking station. This allows for a much faster transfer of data than many other body cameras which still use older versions of the USB connection. USB 3.0 allows for 32GB of data to be transferred at 10x the speed of USB 2.0 and a 5-minute clip of footage takes about 7 seconds to upload. Many companies choose direct upload cameras over streaming cameras due to the reduced cost of not having to pay for sim data or ongoing management fees.
Whats_in_the_box What’s in the Box
The Pinnacle PR6 LiteBody Camera comes with a single port docking station and cable, mains charger, rotatable KlickFast clip, fixed KlickFast Clip, rotatable crocodile clip, fixed crocodile clip, and a mini-screwdriver.
Made_in_the_UK Established UK Brand
Pinnacle Response is well known in the public and private sector for the high-quality of their body cameras. Based out of Northern Ireland, they have been supplying high-end equipment for many years.
Dimensions 88.3 x 59.8 x 34.4mm
Weight 169g
Recording Resolutions 1080p  (30FPS) / 720p (60FPS)
Snapshot JPG (8640 x 4752)
Encryption AES256
Video File Format H.264
Field of View 130° Degrees
Watermark Configurable Time & Date
Audio Format PCM
Nightvision Automatic Infrared & Lowlight Visibility up to 10m
Pre/Post Record Configurable
Connection Mini-B USB 2.0 port
Memory Storage 32GB
Battery Life (Continous Recording) > 7 Hours recording at 1080p 30fps
Operating Temperature From -30° to +60°
Storage Temperature From -30° to +60°
Operating Humidity < 85% Relative Humidity
Water and Dust Rating IP66
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year



Pr6 Video Footage Sample

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