The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3

  • Ideal Security Body Camera
  • 1080p Recording
  • Fully Encrypted (AES 256)
  • Top Activation
  • 32 GB Storage
  • Wide-Angle Lens
  • High Quality Snapshot
  • Infra-Red and Low Light settings
  • 1.5” LCD Screen
  • Pre/Post Record Function
  • GPS Module
  • Hands Free LED Torch
  • IP67 Rating
  • Includes clip, docking station and spare battery
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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14 in stock

Cost_Effective_Icon Cost-Effective Solution
The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 was designed to meet the market’s need for a low-cost, high specification, security body camera. It offers an impressive level of recording audio and video quality (1080p), has a host of features and is one of the lowest cost fully encrypted, GDPR compliant cameras available in the UK. Unlike its competitors, the Partner Body Worn Camera comes with a spare battery that can be swapped out easily for continuous use and comes with de-encryption software at no extra cost. This is why The Partner is often considered one of the best body cameras for security officers.
Encrypted_Camera_Icon GDPR Compliant, Encrypted, Security Body Camera
Under GDPR regulations, companies must ensure that any photos or recordings are tightly controlled and not available to the public. Issues can arise if video footage is leaked or lost which makes having full encryption on one’s devices essential. The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 uses AES 256 encryption meaning that unless you have the correct de-encryption software, all data created by the device is unviewable. Many companies only provide the software to managers meaning that even officers who create the footage are unable to view it to prevent tampering.
Wide_Angle_BodyCam_Icon Wide Angle Lens
The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 has a wide-angle lens (125°), meaning that the footage is taken covers a wider area. This feature is particularly important if the user wishes to use it in conjunction with shoulder harnesses that sit on one side of the body. With a lower field of view, single side harnesses can cause a “lean effect”, which is reduced by using a wide-angle camera.
Pre_Post_Record_Camera Pre/Post Record
The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 has both a Pre & Post record function. The device, while on, is constantly processing footage, and when it is not set to record, this data is dumped after a set period of time. Pre & Post record mean that when the record button is pressed, the data before and/or after that point is attached to the footage. Users generally press record once an incident has started, Pre-record allows footage of the lead up to the incident to also be viewed. Post record works in the converse by showing what happens after the stop button has been pressed. The additional time recorded is adjustable.
Low Light Infrared Security Body Camera Icon Low Light & Infrared
The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 has two separate functions to deal with dark and low-light environments. Low-light functionality is built into the standard lens which allows footage to be recorded in dimly lit areas such as car parks. A second infrared lens can be set to automatically click into place when light levels drop below a set level. This allows for video recording in near darkness such as outdoors at night or during power outages.
High Quality Snapshot Security Body Camera Icon High Quality Snapshot
The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 can take still frame snapshots. These snapshots can be set to a range of picture sizes up to 8640 x 4752. The Burst Shot mode allows for multiple photos to be taken in rapid succession.
Hands_Free__Torch_Bodycam Hands Free LED Torch
The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 has built-in LED torch functionality which can be used hands-free should the need arise. While not a substitute for a full torch, it does allow users to perform minor manual tasks in low-light environments. It also has a flashing option for use as an emergency signal if required.
GPS_Body_Cam GPS Module
The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 includes a GPS module which encodes coordinates into the video footage. When it is viewed on the specialised player, users can see where and when the footage was recorded for evidentiary purposes.
Tamper_resistant_bodycam Tamper Resistant
The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 is designed to preserve footage as part of a chain of custody. Password settings can be enabled to prevent users deleting the footage from the camera itself. The memory storage is built into the device which means that it cannot be removed. The only person who has the ability to delete footage is the one who administrates the system and has access to the specialised player.  This helps protect against accusations of tampering
Direct_Upload_BodyCam Direct Upload
The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 is a direct upload camera and connects to most PCs using a micro-usb. Many companies choose this option over streaming cameras due to the reduced cost of not having to pay for sim data or ongoing management fees.
Whats_in_the_box What’s in the Box
The Partner Body Worn Camera MK3 comes with a crocodile clip, dual-battery charger, cable, and a spare battery for extended recording.
Made_in_the_UK Established UK Brand
The Partner Brand is owned by Interconnective Security Products. For over 20 years, Interconnective has been supplying the UK security industry from their Headquarters in High Wycombe.
Dimensions 88.3 x 59.8 x 34.4mm
Weight 169g
Recording Resolutions 1080p  (30FPS) / 720p (60FPS)
Snapshot JPG (8640 x 4752)
Encryption AES256
Video File Format H.264
Field of View 125° Degrees
Watermark Configurable Time & Date
Audio Format PCM
Nightvision Automatic Infrared & Lowlight Visibility up to 10m
Pre/Post Record Configurable
Connection Mini-B USB 2.0 port
Memory Storage 32GB
Battery Life (Continous Recording) > 7 Hours recording at 1080p 30fps
Operating Temperature From -30° to +60°
Storage Temperature From -30° to +60°
Operating Humidity < 85% Relative Humidity
Water and Dust Rating IP67
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

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