The Partner Professional Supervisor Patrol Recorder

SKU: C707
  • Classic Patrol Recorder
  • Can Download Partner Recorders
  • Holds 32000 Records
  • Physical Shock Sensor
  • Highly Robust Construction
  • Long Product Life
  • Long Battery Life
  • Made in South Africa
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

*This product is part of the Partner Professional Patrol System and requires a Partner Docking Station, Software + License and Patrol Points in order to be used. For advice on how best to proceed, feel free to call us on +44 (0)1494 446965.

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Patrol_System_Icon Classic Patrol Recorder
The Partner Professional Supervisor Patrol Recorder has been a common sight at facilities around the UK for nearly 20 years. Unlike modern, smart systems, this classic device does not require an internet connection and can be used in locations underground, on construction sites and in remote areas where an officer may not have signal or access to a laptop/pc for extended periods of time.
Download_Icon Can Download Partner Recorders
The Partner Professional Supervisor Patrol Recorder is unique in that it allows field downloading of records from other Partner Patrol Recorders. This means that if you have a remote site without access to a docking station, a visiting supervisor can download all the records currently held and then take it back with them for downloading and use in the Partner Software.
Holds_32000_Patrol_Records_Icon Holds 32000 Records
The Partner Professional Supervisor Patrol Recorder holds up to 32000 records before requiring downloading. This means that if an officer is working remotely without access to a docking station or a PC with the Partner Software, months of data can be stored before they need to return to base.
Patrol_System_Shock_Sensor_Icon Physical Shock Sensor
The Partner Professional Supervisor Patrol Recorder comes with a built-in physical shock sensor. This function will record all physical shocks into three levels and keep a log on them which can be downloaded. This allows supervisors and managers to evaluate whether officers are attempting to damage the equipment or mistreating it.
Robust_Icon Highly Robust Construction
Made with stainless steel and protected by a polyurethane sheath, the Partner Professional Supervisor Patrol Recorder is built to last. The electrical components are potted in a flame-retardant resin and the device is hard sealed to prevent tampering.
Long_Battery_Life_Icon Long Battery Life
The Recorder has a built-in custom battery that lasts between 1.5 – 2.5 years depending on usage. When a battery runs flat, it can be sent into Interconnective for replacement at a nominal charge. Rechargeable batteries are not used as the unit is completely sealed at all times to prevent tampering and minimise potential damage.
Made_in_South_Africa_Icon Made in South Africa
The Partner Professional Patrol System was originally developed for use in the African private security sector. This industry is notorious for its treatment of equipment and as such a solution was needed that could take the rigors of use by South African security Officers. Most of the components are still custom made and assembled in South Africa.
Classic_Patrol_Management_System Part of the Partner Professional Patrol System
As stated above, the Supervisor Recorder is part of a full system and requires Patrol Points, a Docking Station and Software to be able to be used. If you do not already have these, please look at the various bundles that are available as an alternative.
Casing Construction Stainless Steel, Aluminium, ABS, Polycarbonate
Sleeve Material Polyurethane
Physical Shock Sensor Yes
Recorder Length 197mm
Recorder Tube Diameter 31mm
Recorder Width 40mm
Recorder Weight 470g
Recorder Storage 32000 Records
Battery Type Lithium
Voltage 3.6V
Battery Life 1.5 – 2.5 Years (Dependent on Usage)

The Partner Professional Patrol System Brochure

The Partner Supervisor Recorder Spec Sheet

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