The Partner Professional Patrol System Patrol Points – 100 Pack

SKU: C0171
  • 100 x Partner Patrol Points
  • For use with The Partner Guard Tour System
  • Each Point has a Unique ID
  • 125kHz Frequency
  • Made from Robust, Stainless Steel
  • Works both Indoors and Outdoors
  • Light with a Flat Surface for Easy Mounting
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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Classic_Patrol_Management_System For use with The Partner Professional Guard Tour System
These 100 metallic points are for use in conjunction with The Partner Professional System. Each point is used to represent a checkpoint along patrol route. For each checkpoint along the patrol, you will need another point. They can also be used to represent incidents,  staff member check-ins or for individual assets when used in conjunction with the relevant accessory.
Emits_Unique_ID_Icon Each Point has a Unique ID
Sometimes called dallas tags or ibuttons, these metallic containers have a microchip inside that emits a unique ID. This ID is recorded when a patrol recorder makes contact with it. This event is then registered with a time and date to form the patrol when the recorder is downloaded.
The Partner_Patrol_Point_Icon Made from Rugged, Stainless Steel
The Partner Patrol Point 100 pack is made from rugged stainless steel which makes it hardy enough to be used on even the most rough and tumble of sites. It is also resistant to water and the elements so can be used both internally and externally.
Cooling_Icon Works both Indoors and Outdoors
While older versions of The Partner Patrol Point were separated into internal and external models, modern versions work equally well in both roles. The point is capable of use in sub-zero temperatures, all the way down to negative 40 degrees. It also works well in warm weather.
Lightweight_Rugged_Metal_Detector Light with a Flat Surface for Easy Mounting
These points weigh very little and have a smooth reverse side. This makes it easy them easy to attach to surfaces using any industrial strength adhesive. We recommend using strong adhesives to prevent members of the public removing them because they are curious. For a more secure attachment, mounts are available so that they can be screwed in but are sold separately.
Diameter 1.6cm
Height 0.5cm
Weight 1.6g
Operating Temperatures -40° to +85° C
Frequency 125 kHz
Material Stainless Steel
Colour Silver
No. of Points 100

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