Red Range 1.5m Telescopic Tactical Search Mirror

  • Tactical Search Mirror
  • 1.5 Metre Telescopic Length
  • Adjustable Reflection Angle
  • Twist Lock Mechanism
  • Choice of Mirror Size/Style
  • Rubberised Anti-Slip Grip
  • Lightweight & Durable Aluminium Construction
  • Acrylic and Glass Mirrors Available
  • Specially Designed Light Source Available
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Life-time Manufacturer’s Guarantee
Availability: 1-3 Working Days

£138.00£312.00 (Incl.VAT)

Fixed Length Mirror Icon Tactical Search Mirror
This telescopic tactical search mirror is used by military, security and border forces to inspect vehicles coming into a secure area. It has a twist lock mechanism that allows for rapid deployment and adjustment on the move and can be fitted with a specially designed light source and your choice of mirror size/style.
3_metre_telescopic_reach_icon 1.5 Metre Telescopic Length
The Red Range 1.5m Telescopic Tactical Search Mirror has a full extension reach of 1.5 metres and a closed length of less than half a metre. It uses a twist lock mechanism meaning that the length of the mirror can be adjusted quickly and in the field.
140 Degree Wide Angle Lens Icon Adjustable Reflection Angle
The Red Range 1.5m Telescopic Tactical Search has an adjustable arm assembly that moves in a 190° arch. This allows you to adjust the angle of the reflection by simply loosening the clamp then setting as desired and then tightening the clamp. This mechanism is a lot more stable than pressure-based systems.
Ultra-Clear Vehicle Inspection mirror icon Choice of Mirror Size/Style
There is a wide variety of mirror heads available for this device. They come in sizes up to 24cm in diameter with various styles including convex, standard or with a protective lip. The larger mirrors are made from acrylic with the smallest being made from glass.
Non-Slip Rubber Grip Icon Rubberised Anti-Slip Grip
The Red Range 1.5m Telescopic Tactical Search Mirror has a rubberised handle that is designed to maximise grip while minimising the risk of accidental slippage or droppage. The rubber handle fits securely in an operator’s hand and extends a reasonable distance down the shaft.
Robust and Durable Icon Lightweight & Durable Aluminium Construction
This tactical search mirror is made from aluminium which makes it far less cumbersome than steel-made models. The aluminium body is not only lightweight but also highly durable and rust resistant.
Lightsource Icon Specially Designed Light Source Available
While most mirrors simply bolt a torch to the frame, the Red Range 1.5m Telescopic Tactical Search Mirror utilises a custom-made light source in order to illuminate dark areas and allow for clearer viewing of the target. This lightpod is an optional extra.
Made in Britain Icon Made in Great Britain
The Red Range 1.5m Telescopic Tactical Search Mirror, like all of this brand’s mirrors, was proudly made in England, Great Britain.
Warranty Icon Lifetime Warranty on Parts
The manufacturer of this mirror offers what they call a “Lifetime Guarantee” on manufactured parts. If a part wears out due to use, they will replace it. This does not apply to damage caused by neglect or misuse.
Reach 1.5 Metres
Closed Length 470mm
Weight 500g (excl Mirror)
Material Aluminium
Alligator Locking Arm Assembly Material Glass Filled Nylon
Handle Anti-Slip Rubberized Grip
Telescopic Yes
Fixed Length No
Locking Head Range of Motion 190°
Locking Mechanism Twist Lock
Warranty Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty for Manufacturing Defects
Made in the UK Yes

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