EasyNew GC-101H Super Wand Hand Held Metal Scanner

  • Low-Cost Hand Held Metal Scanner
  • Two-Pronged Metal Detection
  • Audio, Visual & Vibration Alerts
  • Pre-Sent Sensitivity
  • Detects Metal on Both Sides
  • Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Lightweight Hand Held Metal Detector
  • Long Battery Life
  • Common Private Label Product
  • Requires 1 x 9 Volt Battery (Not Included)
  • Manufactured in China
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Low-Cost Icon Low-Cost Hand Held Metal Scanner
The EasyNew GC-101H Super Wand is a lightweight, cheap hand held security wand metal detector that can be used to detect hidden weapons or other masses of metal. It has a unique design that appears to be based on the Garrett SuperWand, only backwards, with the detection area in the loop and the handle whether the Garrett SuperWand would have its probe and detection area.
Linear_Detection_Technology Two-Pronged Metal Detection
The EasyNew GC-101H Super Wand Hand Held Metal Scanner has an unusual detection area that runs along the oval frame. As you sweep the device across a target, you will normally get two separate alerts as the mass of metal passes from one prong to the other. It can also detect at the base and the tip of the detection area.
Audiao_Visiual_Vibrating_Detection_Alarm_Icon Audio, Visual & Vibration Alerts
The EasyNew GC-101H Super Wand Metal Scanner allows you to switch between audio and vibration alerts using the rockers switch in the centre of the handle. There are also LEDs on the handle that alert the user to successful detections.
Sensitivity Icon Pre-Set Sensitivity
This device has only one sensitivity level. It has been pre-set to pick up medium to large masses of metal. It will easily detect knives, guns and blades but will struggle with smaller objects.
Lightweight_Rugged_Metal_Detector Lightweight, Hand Held Metal Detector
The EasyNew GC-101H Super Wand Hand Held Metal Scanner is very lightweight and reasonably small. This makes it easy to transport and comfortable to use for long periods. While not as robust as a big-name brand security wand, it is still reasonably solid.
White Label Icon Common Private Label Product
The EasyNew GC-101H Super Wand is often sold under different names or with different labels. This is called private labelling, or white labelling. You will see it available under various brands in the UK but all of them will most likely be from the same factory
Made in China Icon Manufactured in China
This metal detector was manufactured in the Peoples Republic of China by a well known security wand manufacturer whose products are used widely around the world.
Detection Alarm Audio, Visual & Vibration
Detection Area Along the Circular Frame
Detection Area Length 17cm
Detection Area Width 6.5cm
Handle Length 12cm
Handle Width 4cm
Total Length 37cm
Total Width 7.5cm
Thickness 3cm
Weight 190g
Weight (Incl Battery) 235g
Operating Temperature -37°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -37°C to 70°C
Battery Type 9V
Number of Sensitivity Settings 1
Includes Batteries No

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