RISK Security Search Tray for Metal Detectors & X-Rays

  • Security Search Tray
  • Ideal as an Airport Inspection Tray
  • Dimensions: 525 x 375 x 155mm
  • Approx. 23 Litre Volume
  • Ultra-Strong Polypropylene
  • Tested to 100+ KGs
  • Smooth Finish
  • Stackable for Easy Storage
  • Well-Known UK Brand
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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Security Search Tray Icon Security Search Tray
The RISK Security Search Tray for Metal Detectors & X-Rays is designed for use during screening and inspections. Items can be stored in they tray and x-rayed if necessary. This inspection tray has a smooth finish and is not grooved like other models which prevents small objects and dirt from building up.
Large Capacity iCON Extra Large Capacity
This screening tray from RISK has more capacity that most other standard models. With the exterior dimensions measuring 525 x 375 x 155mm and the interior measurements coming in at 470 x 340 x 145mm, this inspection tray offers a large amount of space for articles of clothing, bags and anything else that might need to be screened. These dimensions give it an approximate volume of 23 litres.
Robust and Durable Icon Ultra-Strong Polypropylene
The RISK Security Search Tray for Metal Detectors & X-Rays is made using ultra-robust linear hydrocarbon polymer, polypropylene. This rugged material is designed to take a large amount of weight before warping or snapping and has been tested up to 100KGs of mass on the reverse side.
Smooth Finish Icon Smooth Finish
This security screening tray is designed to have a smooth finish. It does not have pronounced grooves or lines where small objects and dirt can get trapped. This smooth finish allows for easy cleaning and helps avoid small items being lost.
Established British Brand Icon Well-Known UK Brand
The security search tray is sold under the RISK Metal Detector brand which is famous in the United Kingdom for their advanced imaging technology including portable knife arches and under vehicle search equipment. RISK has its headquarter in England.
External Dimensions 525 x 375 x 155mm
Internal Dimensons 470 x 340 x 145mm
Volume Approx 23 Litres
Weight 850g
Material Polypropylene
Max Temperature 80° – 100° C
X-Ray Suitable Yes
Max Weight Tested to 100KGs

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