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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a knife arch?

A knife arch, also known as a walkthrough metal detector, is a security device used to detect metallic objects on a person passing through it. It is commonly used in places where security is a concern, such as airports, schools, and public events.

How does a walkthrough metal detector work?

Walkthrough metal detectors work by generating a magnetic field that detects metallic objects. When a person walks through the arch, any metallic items they are carrying will disrupt the magnetic field, triggering an alarm.

What can a knife arch detect?

Knife arches can detect a wide range of metallic objects, including weapons (knives, guns), metal tools, and electronic devices. They are calibrated to detect specific types of metal that are often associated with prohibited items.

Are knife arches safe for people with medical implants?

Yes, modern knife arches are designed to be safe for people with medical implants such as pacemakers. However, it is always recommended to inform security personnel about any implants before passing through.

Can knife arches detect non-metallic items?

No, knife arches are specifically designed to detect metallic objects. Non-metallic items like plastic, ceramics, and certain types of explosives cannot be detected by standard walkthrough metal detectors.

How accurate are walkthrough metal detectors?

Walkthrough metal detectors are highly accurate in detecting metallic objects. However, their sensitivity can be adjusted depending on the security requirements. High-traffic areas may require lower sensitivity to reduce false alarms.

What happens if the detector alarm goes off?

If the alarm goes off, security personnel will conduct a secondary screening, which usually involves using a handheld metal detector or a pat-down search to locate the metallic item that triggered the alarm.

Can walkthrough metal detectors be used outdoors?

Yes, many walkthrough metal detectors are designed to be weather-resistant and can be used outdoors. However, environmental factors such as wind and rain may affect their performance, so proper placement and protection are necessary.

How long does it take to pass through a knife arch?

Passing through a knife arch typically takes only a few seconds per person. However, if an alarm is triggered, additional screening may add a few more minutes to the process.

Are there any privacy concerns with using walkthrough metal detectors?

Walkthrough metal detectors do not collect personal information or images. They only detect the presence of metallic objects, so there are minimal privacy concerns associated with their use.