Browse our range of Search Randomisers & Random Search Selectors which help protect against allegations of discrimination by selecting candidates at random. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 01494 451898.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a search randomiser?

Often called a random search selector, these devices have become increasingly popular in recent years. They allow you to select random targets to carry out searches on. They usually will have an activation button that will issue a pass or fail (some models offer multiple fail types), if the target passes then they are not searched, if they fail then they are taken to the side.

How do search randomisers work?

Most models have a chip that will issue pass/fail commands using an algorithm at a pre-set probability rate. The probability rate can be altered by using a key mechanism or by removing the device’s back plate depending on the model.

Why would I need a search randomiser?

There are a few reasons that companies employ search randomisers. First, it can greatly reduce the manpower required to search random targets rather than every person in a group. Using a search randomiser also helps protect against allegations of discrimination. If a target is chosen at random, they have not been profiled or chosen individually.

Can search randomiser be used for other purposes?

Absolutely, many companies use these to do other kinds of checks on staff and guests. In, fact a drugs/alcohol test version is available. In any situation where you need to choose an individual at random from a larger group, a search randomiser can be used.

Can I adjust the probability?

Yes, you can. As stated above there are two methods of adjusting probability depending on the model. For the battery powered versions, you can remove the backplate and adjust the probability use the switches near the battery area. For the mains powered search randomiser you can adjust it using the key and LED interface.

What types of search randomisers are available?

The main two types are battery and mains powered. The battery powered models are cheaper and lighter. They also have less functionality than the mains powered versions which have key adjustment and LED functionality. The battery powered models also have a clipboard mounted version.