RISK V3 Under Vehicle Search Camera

  • Under Vehicle Search Mirror with Camera
  • Adjustable Reach up to 1.2 Metres
  • 50FPS Viewing and Recording
  • 7” TFT LCD
  • Includes Rechargeable Battery
  • 8 Hours Battery life
  • Night-Vision for Viewing Under Vehicles
  • 3 Wheel Trolley System
  • 12cm Ground Clearance
  • Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • Removeable 16GB SD Card
  • Modular Design
  • Carboard Carrier Box
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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9 in stock

Fixed Length Mirror Icon Under Vehicle Search Camera with Wheels
The RISK V3 Under Vehicle Search Camera is essentially a telescopic 90cm – 120cm telescopic aluminium arm attached to a 420 TV Lines Sharp 1/3″ CCD camera mounted on to a set of three wheels. It operates similarly to a wheeled search mirror but with the added benefits of being able to record footage and use infra-red night-vision.
Screen icon 50FPS Viewing and Recording with 7” LCD
The RISK V3 Under Vehicle Search Camera views and records at 50 frames per second which gives a much smoother effect than the more common 30FPS. It comes with a 7” TFT LCD screen that allows you to view the progress of the camera, watch recordings and manage footage. Footage can also be transferred using the removeable 16GB SD card.
Battery_Level_Indicator_icon 8 Hour Batttery Life and 4 Hours of Footage Storage
This under vehicle search camera has an 8 hours battery life delivered by its built in rechargeable battery pack. The 16GB SD card can hold a total of 4 hours of recorded footage at any one time.
Infrared night vision icon Night-Vision for Viewing Under Vehicles
The RISK V3 Under Vehicle Search Camera has 24 Infra-red LEDs which allow it to record in greyscale if the under carriage of a vehicle is too dark to be captured in normal colour. This allows for use in low-light and nigh-time conditions.
Low_Ground_Clearance_Search_Mirror_Icon 3 Wheel Trolley System with 12cm Ground Clearance
This under vehicle search camera’s main camera head is mounted on to a three wheeled trolley. This trolley allows it to maneuver under cars and vans easily and minimises the strain on the user. The whole camera head and wheels have a ground clearance of 12cm.
Lightweight_Rugged_Metal_Detector Lightweight Aluminium Arm
The RISK V3 Under Vehicle Search Camera uses a lightweight aluminium in the construction of its metal arm. This means that it weighs less than steel based products and reduces the strain on the user when deploying the device on long shifts. The arm and mirror head together weighs a total of 1.53kgs.
Deconstructable_Modular_Construction_Mirror_Icon Modular Design
This under vehicle search camera uses a modular design and can be easily deconstructed for storage. It comes with a cardboard carrier box with handle and foam cut outs for the individual components.
Established British Brand Icon Recognised UK Brand
RISK are a UK based brand with all customer service and technical support functionality based in England. Known for the quality and value of their products, RISK Metal Detectors are becoming a common sight around the country.
Reach Extendable 90cm – 1.2 Metres
Ground Clearance 12cm
Weight 1.53kg
Arm Material Aluminium
Telescopic No
Modular Construction Yes
Power supply  DC12V/1800mAH (Rechargeable)
Battery Life 8 Hours
SD Card 16GB
Footage Storage Up to 4 Hours of footage
Nightvision 24 Infrared LEDs
Screen 7 inch TFT LCD
Camera 420 TV Lines Sharp 1/3″ CCD camera
Lens 3.6mm Wide Angle
Field of View 67° lens Angle
Video Format AVI 50FPS
Carry Case Carboard and Foam Carrier

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