RISK DualScan Walkthrough Metal Detector

  • Dual Side Walkthrough Metal Detector
  • Ideal for High Volume Areas
  • Excellent for Narrow Entryways
  • Can Detect over 80 People a Minute
  • Adjustable Alarm Volume
  • 3.7 Inch LCD Screen
  • Adjustable Sensitity
  • 6 Detection Zones, 6 on either side
  • 50cm Detection Width
  • Built In Traffic Counter
  • For Indoor Use
  • Semi-Portable
  • Mains Powered
  • For Indoor Use
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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Variable Pitch Icon Dual Side Walkthrough Metal Detector
The RISK DualScan is a unique, single panel walkthrough metal detector that emits a detection field on both sides of the device that does not discriminate on direction. This means that people can walk passed, not only on either side of the panel but also from any direction. It is designed to pick up larger masses of metal such as knives and guns.
Greater Mobility Icon Ideal for High Volume Areas
The RISK DualScan’s innovative design lends itself for use on sites where foot traffic is too high for use of a standard walkthrough metal detector such as in schools or shopping centres. As people can come from either direction or walk through two at a time, this reduces bottlenecks as opposed to traditional knife arches and walkthrough metal detectors. The RISK DualScan can search over 80 people a minute.
Wide Detection Area Icon Excellent for Narrow Entryways
Unlike traditional walkthrough metal detectors, the RISK DualScan takes up significantly less room and can be used in narrow entry ways as it only requires about 1 metre square of space in order to operate.
Targeted Zones Icon 6 Detection Zones
This single panel walkthrough metal detector has 6 separate detection zones that are indicated by LEDs on either side of the device. This alerts operators as to where on the user’s body to search. There are 6 zones on each side separated by height. Each zone can have its sensitivity adjustable to meet your search goals.
Wide_Angle_BodyCam_Icon 50cm Detection Width
The RISK DualScan has a 50cm detection area that reaches outward from the panel. It is best to use it with barrier poles or rope barriers to ensure that people walking by pass through the detection area. Multiple DualScans can be used at the same time to give yourself more coverage should you wish.
Lightweight_Rugged_Metal_Detector Semi-Portable
While not a true portable Knife Arch like the RISK P1, the DualScan weighs only 20KGs (as opposed to 70 – 80KG for standard walkthroughs) which means that two (or even one) people can easily move it around site. It is mains powered so as long as you ware taking it somewhere with an outlet, it is essential portable.
Adjustable_Sensitivity_Metal_Detector Adjustable Sensitivity and Multiple Programs
The RISK DualScan is highly configurable to meet the requirements of its operators. Each detection zone is individually adjustable should you wish different sensitivity levels at different heights. There are also numerous presets to use as well as variable safety limits and settings.
Pass_Fail_Mechanism_icon Built-in Traffic Counter
This walkthrough metal detector has a built in traffic counter which eliminates the need of hand tally counters used by security staff if the venue is capacity restricted. They tally is prominently displayed and can be checked at any time. It counts not only the number of people but also the number of successful detections.
Bolt Icon Must be Bolted to the Floor
The RISK DualScan has a small surface area that makes contact with the ground which means that it needs a restraint to keep it standing. On either end of the panel you have 2 bolt holes that allow you to bolt the device to the ground. Bolts ARE included with the package.
Established British Brand Icon UK Brand
RISK Metal Detectors are a UK based brand that specialises in walkthrough and handheld metal detectors as well as other search equipment. Most of their metal detectors are manufactured aboard.
Height 2 Metres (2005mm)
Width 43cm
Weight 20KG
Standard Programs Over 20 application programs included
Sensitivity Adjustable with 255 Levels
Frequency Range 1 – 50 Bands
Operating Temperature 20℃~65℃
Detection Zones 6 Zones, 3 on either side
Detection Area 50cm on both sides of panel
Screen 3.7 Inch LCD Display
Ticker Alarm and Number of Passes
Alarm Volume Adjustable
Detection Volume Over 70 People a Minute
EN60950 Yes
EN50081-1 Yes
EN50082-1 Yes
GB15210-2003 Yes
ISO09001:2008 Yes
0HSASl 8001 Yes
ISO14001 Yes
CE Yes
RoHS Yes

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