Reflective Blue Security Badge with Velcro (Large)

  • Reflective Blue and Silver Security Badge
  • 247mm x 100mm Large Security Badge
  • Hook (Hard Velcro) Backing
  • Includes Soft Loop Patch
  • PVC Reflective Sheet Construction
  • Lighter than Encapsulated Security Badges
  • Highly Reflective
  • Water-Resistant
  • Flexible
  • Established UK Brand
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130 in stock

Large Refecltive Security Badge Icon Reflective Blue and Silver Security Badge
The Securitygear Reflective Blue Security Badge with Velcro (Large) is designed to be worn on uniforms and body armour. It has a hard hook back that can attach to most loop (soft Velcro) patches. It is made using metalic PVC sheet with dark blue (Pantone 2758C) background. It is the ideal size for the back of one’s uniform.
Velcro Icon Includes Soft Loop Patch
This reflective security badge comes with an additional soft loop patch, at no extra charge, which can be sewn onto uniforms. This means that if your uniform is not currently hook and loop compatible, you simply need to sew-on the soft patch and you are ready to go. The patch needs to be sewn-on and does not come with adhesive.
PVC Sheet Icon PVC Reflective Sheet Construction
TheSecuritygear Reflective Blue Security Badge with Velcro (Large) uses a PVC sheet construction which means that it is a single piece rather than several layers like encapsulated security badges. This makes this badge lighter and gives it a smooth finish rather than textured.
Reflective icon Highly Reflective
This blue and silver reflective security badge is highly reflective, particularly at night. Counterintuitively, the badge is more reflective the lower the light level in the surrounding area is, meaning that if a torch or car light bounces off it, it makes the user easy to see.
Weather_Resistant_Icon Water-Resistant
The Securitygear Reflective Blue Security Badge with Velcro (Large) is highly water-resistant and can be used outdoors in the rain without any issue. It is however recommended that it NOT be put into the wash.
Established British Brand Icon Established UK Brand
The Securitygear brand is owned by Interconnective Limited. Securitygear products are widely used in the UK security industry with items such as notebooks, badges, mirrors and more being commonplace on sites around the country.
Length 247mm
Width 100mm
Thickness 2mm
Weight 15g
Materials Reflective PVC
Colours Dark Blue (Pantone 2758C)  /Silver
Backing Hook (Hard Velcro)
Compatible Loop (Soft Velcro)
Includes Soft Velcro Back Yes

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