L-Max Reflective Security Badge with Velcro – Black

  • Large & Small Black Security Badge with Velcro Set
  • Velcro Backing (Hook)
  • Made with Reflective PVC
  • Lightweight and Rugged
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Flexible and bendable
  • Ultra Reflective
  • Large Font
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Well-Established British Brand
  • Made in the UK
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Small Reflective Security Badge Icon Large and Small Black Security Badge with Velcro
The Securitygear L-Max Reflective Security Badge with Velcro – Black is crafted with high reflective using PVC sheeting. With dimensions of 25cm x 10cm for the large and 12.5cm x 4.5cm for small, it’s optimally sized for placement on the back and front of clothing or uniforms. Designed to seamlessly integrate with standard hook & loop, it offers versatility and ease of use.
Velcro Icon Hook and Loop Back
This reflective security patch has a hard Velcro (hook & loop) backing that allows it to attach to any standard soft Velcro or loop patch. This means that it is compatible with most existing security uniforms and can be deployed right out of the box.
Robust and Durable Icon Abrasion Resistance
This Reflective Security encapsulated badge is crafted with PVC sheeting, which means it is durable and easily maintained. This sheeting grants the Securitygear L-Max Reflective Security Badge with Velcro – Black a level of abrasion resistance for prolonged use.
Ultra-Clear Vehicle Inspection mirror icon Ultra Reflective
The special PVC material used in crafting this hook & loop security badge enhances its ability to reflect focused light effectively. In low-light settings, such as dark environments, even the light from a flashlight or passing vehicle illuminates the large lettering, significantly increasing the wearer’s visibility.
Weather_Resistant_Icon Waterproof
The L-Max Securitygear Reflective Security Badge with Velcro – Black is made from PVC sheeting and is securely sealed against the backing to effectively block liquids from penetrating. With its abrasion resistance, renders it highly suitable for outdoor usage, particularly in rainy conditions.
Easy to Use Icon Simple to Maintain
Made from PVC sheeting and featuring a smooth finish, the L-Max Reflective Security Badge with Velcro is effortlessly cleaned and maintained just by wiping it down. For even longer use, store in a cool and dry environment.
Made in Britain Icon Made in the UK
Owned by the UK based brand, Interconnective Security Products, the Securitygear brand has been used widely in the security industry for many years.
Large Badge Dimensions 250mm x 100mm
Small Badge Dimensions 125mm x 45mm
Thickness 2mm
Large Badge Weight 45g
Small Badge Weight 10g
Materials Reflective PVC
Colours Black / Silver
Backing Hook (Hard Velcro)
Compatibility Soft Velcro or Loop Patches

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