Red Range 1 Metre Rigid Under Car Inspection Mirror

  • 1 Metre Under Car Inspection Mirror
  • Adjustable Mirror Angle
  • Range of Mirror Sizes/Shapes Available
  • Specially Designed Rubber Grip
  • Lightweight & Robust
  • Made with Resilient Glass Fibre
  • Available with or without light source
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Lifetime Warranty on Parts
Availability: 1-3 Working Days

£84.00£258.00 (Incl.VAT)

Fixed Length Mirror Icon 1 Metre Under Car Inspection Mirror
The Red Range 1 Metre Rigid Under Car Inspection Mirror is a rigid glass fibre arm with a reach of 100cm and is designed for security teams who need to inspect the under carriage of cars and under vehicles. It is also widely used to inspect non-mobile objects and its narrow body allows for easy manoeuvring around corners and obstacles.
Rotatable_Lens_Body_Cam Adjustable Mirror Angle
The Red Range 1 Metre Rigid Under Car Inspection Mirror has an adjustable arm assembly at the bottom of its’ main body. This assembly is made from a glass infused nylon polymer that moves along a single access and rotates 190° which allows you to adjust the angle of the mirror on the go.
Ultra-Clear Vehicle Inspection mirror icon Range of Mirror Sizes/Shapes Available
Red Range produce a wide variety of reflective mirror heads than can be used with this mirror. The majority are ultra-clear acrylic with the smallest mirrors being glass. Standard flat or convex options are available as well as models protected by a rubber lip. Sizes range up to 24cm diameter.
Non-Slip Rubber Grip Icon Specially Designed Rubber Grip
At the top of the mirror is a rubber handle that fits comfortable in the user’s hand. Designed to reduce slippage, it has good traction and is further ribbed to prevent it sliding out of the operator’s hand while performing an inspection.
lightweight_rugged_icon Lightweight & Robust
The Red Range 1 Metre Rigid Under Car Inspection Mirror is designed to be used for long periods. It is made from lightweight glass fibre which reduces the strain on the operator when working long shifts. It also maintains a decent level of impact resistance and is made to last.
Under_Vehicle_Search_Mirror_Light_Icon Available with or without Light Source
The Red Range 1 Metre Rigid Under Car Inspection Mirror can be fitted with a specially made light source called a lightpod. The lightpod illuminates the area that is being inspected and is ideal for looking at the undercarriage of large vehicles where there is not much clearance for external light to enter.
Made in Britain Icon Manufactured in the UK
The Red Range 1 Metre Rigid Under Car Inspection Mirror was manufactured in Great Britain. All of Red Range’s products are made at their factory at Leicester in England.
Warranty Icon Lifetime Warranty on Parts
Red Range stand by their products and as such offer a lifetime warranty on parts. With the exception of damage or wear caused by neglect or mistreatment, Red Range offer to repair any issues caused by manufacturing defects for free. There may be charges for carriage and returns.
Reach 100cm
Weight 362g (excl Mirror)
Material Glass Fibre
Alligator Locking Arm Assembly Material Glass Filled Nylon
Handle Anti-Slip Rubberized Grip
Telescopic No
Fixed Length Yes
Locking Head Range of Motion 190°
Warranty Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty for Manufacturing Defects
Made in the UK Yes

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