Red Range 50cm Rigid Security Inspection Mirror

  • 50cm Fixed Length Security Inspection Mirror
  • 190° Rotatable Head
  • Wide Variety of Mirror Heads
  • Anti-Slip Rubberized Grip
  • Rugged Glass Fibre Body
  • Lightweight Construction
  • With or Without Lightpod
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty
Availability: 1-3 Working Days

£78.00£252.00 (Incl.VAT)

Fixed Length Mirror Icon 50cm Fixed Length Security Inspection Mirror
The Red Range 50cm Rigid Security Inspection Mirror has a fixed length glass fibre arm that gives it a range of half a metre. It is ideal for inspecting around corners and in between objects where extendable reach is not required. Being fixed length also means its fast to deploy and requires little adjustment.
Rotatable_Lens_Body_Cam 190° Rotatable Head
The Red Range 50cm Rigid Security Inspection Mirror’s arm connects to a nylon alloy arm assembly that holds the mirror in place. This rugged assembly can rotate up to 190° allowing the to be able to adjust the angle of the reflection and giving them a better view of the target.
Exceptionally_Clear_Mirror_Icon Wide Variety of Mirror Heads
Red Range manufacture a wide range of mirrors that are compatible with this arm. There is a variety of sizes and shapes available with the larger mirrors tending to be made from acrylic and the smaller ones being made from glass. Protected mirrors are set in a touch polypropylene that protects it from impacts along the edges.
hands_free_icon Anti-Slip Ruggedised Grip
The Red Range 50cm Rigid Security Inspection Mirror’s arm is topped with a ribbed, rubber handle that is designed to increase friction and reduce slippage. The grip is well designed and fits well in the user’s hand.
Lightweight_Rugged_Metal_Detector Lightweight Construction
This security inspection mirror is made to be used for long periods and as such needs to be lightweight. The glass fibre arm helps to achieve this, weighing in at only 283g with the mirrors themselves ranging from 12g to 416g.
Under_Vehicle_Search_Mirror_Light_Icon With or Without Lightpod
The Red Range 50cm Rigid Security Inspection Mirror comes with the option of adding a lightpod to this arm. This can be done the point of purchase or afterwards. The lightpod allows for the illumination of the area are the mirror for clearer inspections.
Robust_Icon Rugged Glass Fibre Body
Red Range alternate between glass fibre and aluminium for the search arms with the smaller telescopic models tending toward the latter. This model is made from rugged glass fibre that strikes a decent balance between rigidity and weight.
Made in Britain Icon Made in the United Kingdom
All of Red Range’s mirrors are produced in the UK at their factory which is located in Leicester, England.
Warranty Icon Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty
Red Range offer what they call a “Lifetime Guarantee” on manufacturing defects. As long as it has not been damaged through user fault and a part has simply failed, they will repair it for free. Carriage charges may apply.
Reach 50cm
Weight 283g (excl Mirror)
Material Glass Fibre
Alligator Locking Arm Assembly Material Glass Filled Nylon
Handle Anti-Slip Rubberized Grip
Telescopic No
Fixed Length Yes
Locking Head Range of Motion 190°
Warranty Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty for Manufacturing Defects
Made in the UK Yes

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