The Partner Online Blackview BV5300 Bundle

  • Real-Time Guard Tour System
  • Proof of Presence & Patrol System
  • Forms and Incident Report Generation
  • Task and Duty Management Application
  • Keeps Lone Workers and Other Staff Safe
  • Reports and Audit Trail
  • Remote Handset Control
  • Guard Mode & Locking Down the Handset
  • Advanced Remote Support, Mon – Fri
  • Rugged BV5300 PRO Mobile Handset
  • 20 High-End, Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tags

This bundle is for The Partner Online system which is has a host of features and functions. If you want to find out more about The Partner Online, please feel free to call us on 001722 444 806 or check out The Partner Online Brochure

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Patrol_System_Icon Advanced, Real-Time Guard Tour System
The Partner Online patrol system is an advanced, app-based security technology that combines a wide range of separate tools into a single device. At its core is a real-time guard tour system that allows you to view and manage patrols while they are happening. Patrols are carried out using the mobile handset while managers can access the data through the web portal. Officers patrol along a pre-determined path which is dotted with NFC Tags for absolute proof of presence. This data can be used to generate reports and KPIs which can be automatically emailed to clients/managers at selected times.
Incident_Reports_Forms_Icon Forms and Incident Report Generation
The Partner Online has a host of additional functionality aside from the core real-time guard tour system and proof of presence. This includes form generation and incident reporting. Through the web portal, you can create form templates for app users to fill out at set intervals/occurrences. This can include incident forms, cleaning forms, and pretty much any form that a security officer might need to fill out during the course of their duties. Forms can be set to include photos and attachments and when uploaded they will be hardcoded with the date, time, and GPS data from when they were filled out. This makes them ideal for use in court and for evidentiary purposes as they carry a clear evidence chain.
Task_Management_Icon Task and Duty Management Application
The Partner Online allows you to manage security officers more efficiently by assigning tasks to the relevant persons. There are two types of tasks. The first type has set tasks attached to individual points on a patrol within the guard tour system. The second can be generated at any time and sent to users of the app. You can either send it to set individuals or all users. Once a user accepts it, it will be taken off the list so that no other users attempt to undertake it. Once completed, tasks, when they were assigned, who undertook them, and when they were completed will all be stored and available for report generation.
Lone_Worker_Icon Keeps Lone Workers and Other Staff Safe
Ensuring the health and safety of one’s workforce is more important than ever before. Aside from its primary real-time guard tour system functionality, The Partner Online has a multitude of built-in features that help protect staff whether they are working alone or as part of a team.  This includes various check-ins, a panic alarm, fall/idle & tilt sensors as well as a shock detector.
Reports_Audit_Trail_Icon Reports and Audit Trail
One of the stand-out features of The Partner Online is the amount of data it captures and how it can use that data to generate detailed reports for use either to prove internal efficiency, as proof of service to clients or even as an audit trail for use in insurance claims and court proceedings. These reports can be sent to automatically email at set intervals or under certain situations. All activity within the Partner Online System is recorded and cannot be tampered with or edited by users.
Daily Occurrence Book DOB Icon Online Daily Occurrence Book
This real-time guard tour system includes a digital daily occurrence book that can be accessed via the online portal. Simply have a web browser with the Partner Portal open and you can record all occurrences on a site in the same way you would with a paper DOB. This eliminates the need for endless storage of paper DOBs and reduces costs.
Asset_Management_Software_Icon Asset Management
This real-time guard tour system includes an asset management module that will allow you to scan NFC Keyrings (sold-separately) which are attached to a set of keys, tool or any other asset that requires monitoring. When someone wishes to take the asset, you scan the tag with the device and set a return time along with their name and contact details. If the device is not returned within that time period, the system will email reminders to the person and keep an audit record of who had them and when.
Remote_Handset_Control Guard Mode & Locking Down the Handset
The Partner Online’s Guard Mode allows you to lockdown certain features of the handset to prevent security officers from procrastinating or doing things that they shouldn’t. You are able to lock certain apps, prevent phone calls or event only allow phone calls to certain numbers. You can even control certain features like to volume remotely to prevent officers on-site from turning it off and claiming they couldn’t hear it.
Partner_Online_Standard_License Includes Partner Online Annual License
The Partner Online works on a system of licences. You need one license per handset that is in use. This means that you can have as many users on a single handset and the web portal as you wish. The Partner Online license is billed annually which means that you will have to renew it one year after you buy this bundle. The price for a license renewal is currently £255.84 ex VAT with annual Remote Support coming in at £15.99 ex VAT. If you want to know more about The Partner Online licenses, please contact us on 01722 444 806.
Remote_Support_Icon Advanced Remote Support
The Partner Online supports Teamviewer, which allows Interconnective’s technician to remotely connect to your device when requested. This allows us to resolve the majority of issues for our clients directly without the need for lengthy support calls. The Partner Online is one of the few real-time guard tour systems that provide this service.
Cat_S42_Rugged_Handset_Icon Rugged Blackview BV5300 Pro Handset
The Blackview BV5300 PRO is ruggedised mobile handset that is popular amongst Trades professionals due to its extra-large battery and low-cost. It operates on Doke-OS 3.0 (Android 12) and is powered by a 6580mAh battery. The phone supports dual SIM, has a 13MP rear camera, and an 8MP front camera. With a 6.088-inch HD+ IPS display, 4GB RAM, and 64GB ROM, it ensures smooth performance. The device includes GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo for precise navigation, and is built to withstand tough environments with its robust construction.
NFC_Tag_Icon 20 High-End, Epoxy, 30mm Metal Shielded NFC Tags
This real-time guard tour patrol system includes 20 high-quality NFC tags. These tags are 30mm in diameter and made from a special epoxy resin. Inside the tags is a special metal shielding element that prevents external interference from metallic surfaces. This allows the tags to be put on things such as metal cabinets and gates. Each tag is self-adhesive with 3M patented glue on the back.
Customer_Support_Icon Free Training & Setup Support
When you receive your Partner Online Bundle, please contact us and we will help you set up your first site and talk you through how to get the most out of the system. We offer ongoing support and welcome any questions that you may have while using the Partner Online.
Whats_in_the_box Bundle Contents
This bundle includes:
1 x BV5300 PRO Mobile Handset
1 x Partner Online Standard Annual License
1 x Annual Remote Support
20 x The Partner Online NFC Tags
License Annual Standard License
Patrol Management Yes
Proof of Prescence Yes
Incidents & Forms Yes
Tasks Yes
Reports Yes
Lone Worker Yes
Remote Handset Control Yes
Digital Occurrence Book No
Asset Management No
Remote Support Yes
Handset Included BV5300 PRO
Number of NFC Tags 20
Warranty 2 Years

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