The Partner Professional Patrol System Patrol Point – 100 Pack

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  • 100 x Partner Patrol Points
  • Part of the Partner Professional System
  • Emits Unique ID
  • Emits at 125kHz
  • Robust, Stainless Steel Container
  • Works in Sub-Zero Temperatures
  • Light and Easy to Mount
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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70 in stock

Classic_Patrol_Management_SystemPart of the Partner Professional Patrol System
The Partner Professional Patrol Points are generally used as part of the Partner Professional Patrol System. Partner Patrol Points are fixed around a site and each one’s unique signature is logged as a specific point on a patrol. When a Partner Professional recorder is used to “tap” the point, it records when the point was tapped and provides this data as part of a patrol report.
Emits_Unique_ID_IconEmits a Unique ID
Every Partner Professional Patrol Point emits a unique ID which is uploaded when it is tapped by a recorder. This means that it is very difficult to fake a physical patrol and that patrol reports can be used as proof of presence in court or when reporting to a client.
The Partner_Patrol_Point_IconRobust, Stainless Steel Container
The Partner Professional Patrol Point is essentially a microchip that is constantly emitting a 125kHz ID signal. This chip is housed in a robust, stainless steel container which helps protect it against damage and the elements.
Cooling_IconWorks in Sub-Zero Temperatures
The Partner Professional Patrol Point is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. The resilient construction means that it has a working temperature range of -40 Degrees to +85 Degrees. This makes it ideal for use on remote sites where exposure to the elements is a necessity.
Lightweight_Rugged_Metal_DetectorLight and Easy to Mount
The Partner Professional Patrol Point is light weight and easy to mount on to a variety of surfaces. The flat smooth surface on the reverse of the point is ideal for use with an adhesive. For fixing to more difficult surfaces, we recommend the Partner Patrol Point Mount with Cover which allows the point to be fixed by screws on to the desired location.
Operating Temperatures-40° to +85° C
Frequency125 kHz
MaterialStainless Steel
No. of Points100

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