The Partner Patrol Point Mount with Cover (excl. Patrol Point)

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  • Part of the Partner Professional System
  • Holds Partner Patrol Points
  • Weather Resistant Cover
  • Can Fix using Screw or Adhesive
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Does NOT include Partner Patrol Points
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Classic_Patrol_Management_SystemPart of the Partner Professional Patrol System
The Partner Patrol Point Mount with Cover is used as part of the Partner Professional Patrol System and is designed to hold Partner Patrol Points. The Point Mount can be securely fastened using screws (not included) to a variety of surfaces or using adhesive if required. The Weather Resistant cover helps prevent issues “tapping” points in icy and cold weather.
The Partner_Patrol_Point_IconHolds Partner Patrol Points
The Partner Patrol Point Mount with Cover is designed to be used with Partner Patrol points which fit securely into the central cavity. The thin, flat surface of the mount ensures that it does not obstruct a Partner Recorder when “tapping” a point.
Weather_Resistant_IconWeather Resistant Cover
The Partner Patrol Point Mount has a weather-resistant cover that helps protect the Patrol Point against water and icing over. In order to be “tapped” by a recorder, the point needs to make unobstructed contact with the recorder. The weather-resistant cover helps prevent the build-up of ice which may impair the process.
Screw_to_Fix_IconCan Fix Using Screw or Adhesive
The Partner Patrol Point Mount with Cover can either be fixed to a wall or surface using an adhesive or it can be screwed in. Screwing in the mount enables users to ensure that Patrol Points do not come unstuck or are removed by casual passers-by. Screws not included.
Length (Base)2.8cm
Width (Base)4.6cm
Length (Cover)3.5cm
Width (Cover)3cm
Cover MaterialABS
Patrol Point IncludedYes
Fixing MethodScrew to surface
Number of Mounts1
Number of Points0

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