Peter Jones – KlickFast 3-Point Chest/Shoulder Harness for Body Cameras & Radios

  • KlickFast Dock for Body Cams and Radios
  • Chest/Shoulder Position for Dock
  • Greater Mobility
  • Suitable for Left-Handed Users
  • Rugged Polyester Straps
  • High-Impact Nylon Pressure Clips
  • Adjustable for a Comfortable Fit
  • One Size Fits All
  • Made in the United Kingdom
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KlickFast Dock for Body Cameras and Radios
The KlickFast 3-Point Chest/Shoulder Harness for Body Cameras & Radios uses an official KlickFast dock to secure body cameras, radios or any compatible devices in to place. The KlickFast System is widely used throughout the UK due to its’ speed of use and the ability to lock devices securely in to place with a low risk of droppage.
Chest/Shoulder Position for Dock
The KlickFast 3-Point Chest/Shoulder Harness is designed to position the docking station between the chest and the shoulder. This means that it acts as a middle-ground between centre chest and shoulder harnesses. It gives the benefit of greater freedom of movement across the front of the body without being too far to one side.
Greater Mobility
The KlickFast 3-Point Chest/Shoulder Harness for Body Cameras & Radios is similar to a traditional shoulder holster harness in that the position of the dock means that it doesn’t obstruct movement across the middle of the user’s body. This is particularly important if they are required to perform manual tasks or if there is the potential risk of an altercation as part of their duties.
Suitable for Left-Handed Users
Most traditional shoulder harnesses are designed for right-handed. The KlickFast 3-Point Chest/Shoulder Harness can be worn either on to the left and the right of the head meaning that it is a suitable alternative for left-handed users who want a shoulder positioned dock.
Rugged Polyester Straps
The KlickFast 3-Point Chest/Shoulder Harness for Body Cameras & Radios uses tough polyester straps to secure the docking station on the body. These straps are tightly woven and suitable for use in outdoor and demanding environments.
High Impact Nylon Pressure Clips
The KlickFast 3-Point Chest/Shoulder Harness uses high-impact nylon pressure clips to secure the straps into place. They are quick and easy to use and can be simply pushed into a locked position. In order to release them, the user simply needs to apply pressure to the button in the centre of the lock.
Adjustable for a Comfortable fit
The KlickFast Chest/Shoulder Harness for Body Cameras & Radios is constructed of three straps and a dock. Two of the straps reach around the waist with one going over the chest and shoulder. Each strap and be adjusted for length independently with the dock being able to be moved up or down the third strap as required.
One Size Fits All
The KlickFast Chest/Shoulder Harness is Unisex and due to being highly adjustable is able to fit most body sizes. The generally accepted size range is from small to XX-Large but this may vary depending on the shape of the body.
Made in the United Kingdom
The KlickFast Chest/Shoulder Harness was designed and made in the United Kingdom by Peter Jones Ltd, the official makers of the KlickFast Locking System.


Note: Some users may find front secured harnesses unsuitable for use with blazers and suits as when open, the sides of the jacket may obscure the dock and when closed the clothing might ride up. This is generally not an issue for coats and it depends on personal preference. If this is a concern, then a shoulder harness that is supported around a user’s back may be more suitable.

Shoulder Support Strap30″ Long
Waist Support Strap40″ Long
Strap Width25mm
MaterialsPolyester Straps, Nylon Clips, Nylon Dock
Elasticated StrapsNo
Detatcheable StrapsNo
SizeOne Size (Fits S – XXL)
Dock CompatibilityKlickFast
Dock PlacementBetween Chest and Shoulder
ClipsPlastic Pressure Clips
Suitable ForBody Cameras, Radios
Standard Clothing RestrictionsBlazers, Suit Jackets