HSE Economy 1-10 Persons First Aid Kit

  • UK Health & Safety Executive Compliant
  • Suitable for Workplaces of 1 – 10 People
  • Economical Solution
  • Contains Dressings, Plasters and more
  • Includes Hardened Plastic Green Case
Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

£14.40 (Incl.VAT)

Certified_IconUK Health & Safety Executive Compliant
This first-aid kit is comprised of the necessary supplies and equipment to satisfy the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE)’s guidelines for First Aid Kits. It is ideal for small offices and for use at home.
Number_of_People_IconSuitable for Workplaces of 1 – 10 People
The HSE Economy 1-10 Persons First Aid Kit is designed to contain enough equipment and supplies for locations that expect to have between 1 and 10 personnel present at any given time.Β  If you expect numbers to exceed this, it is recommended that you choose a larger kit.
Cost_Effective_IconEconomical Solution
The HSE Economy 1-10 Persons First Aid Kit is a low-cost first-aid solution and covers all the necessities of a basic kit. While not as extensive as the British Standards First Aid Kits, it will give you the basic coverage needed for common home and workplace injuries.
Whats_in_the_boxContains Dressings, Plasters and More
The HSE Economy 1-10 Persons First Aid Kit includes a number of waterproof plasters, bandages, different sized dressings, safety pins, moist wipes and disposable medical gloves. A full list of the kit’s contents can be found in the Specifications section.
Robust_IconIncludes Hardened Plastic Green Case
The HSE Economy 1-10 Persons First Aid Kit comes in an easily identifiable, highly visible, bright green First Aid case. It is hardened to protect the contents and uses easily accessible locking clips.
First Aid Guidance Leaflet1
Waterproof Plasters20
Eye Dressings2
Triangular Bandages2
Safety Pins12
First Aid Dressings 12x12cm6
First Aid Dressings 18x18cm2
Moist Wipes6
Disposable Gloves (Pair)3

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