Hand-Held Search Randomiser (Battery Powered)

  • Randomly Selects Candidates for Searches
  • Pass/Fail Mechanism
  • Adjustable Search Frequency
  • Protects against Discrimination Claims
  • Battery Powered
  • Wall Mounting Bracket Included
  • Light and Ergonomically Designed
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 3 x AAA Batteries Included
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Random_Search_Selector_IconRandomly Selects Candidates for Searches
Search Randomisers work by having either an operator or the search candidates press a button which will then notify the user whether to search them or to let them pass. Internally this is done by having outcomes occur randomly with pre-defined frequencies. This allows the user to determine how often they need to perform searches depending on available time and resources or any requirements that they are given.
Pass_Fail_Mechanism_iconPass/Fail Mechanism
The Hand-Held Search Randomiser (Battery-Powered) uses a pass/fail mechanism meaning that there are two options displayed on the face of the device. When the button is pressed it will randomly select either Pass or Search. If Pass activates then the candidate may move on, if Search activates it means that the candidate has been randomly selected to be searched. What follows depends on the Standard Operating Procedures on-site.
Adjustable_Search_Frequency_IconAdjustable Search Frequency
The Hand-Held Search Randomiser (Battery-Powered) has adjustable search frequency settings that allow the user to change how often the device randomly selects Search. The device uses dip switches which are securely located under the battery cover and can be set to the desired frequency.
Robust_IconProtects against Discrimination Claims
While the use of the Hand-Held Search Randomiser (Battery-Powered) can help reduce the burden of searching all candidates, it is also an important tool in preventing spurious allegations of discrimination. By randomly selecting the candidates, it is far more difficult to claim that someone has been discriminated against by being selected.
Long_Battery_Life_IconBattery Powered
The Hand-Held Search Randomiser was designed to be mobile and as such requires no cords or cables. It is powered by 3 x AAA standard alkaline batteries, which due to a lower power draw, last a long time.
Wall_Mountable_IconWall Mounting Bracket Included
While designed to be hand-held, this Search Randomiser can also be mounted on to a wall if needed using the included bracket. Many sites choose to do this as it enables the candidates themselves to press the button themselves which further protects the operator from claims of discrimination.
lighteight_rugged_iconLight, Robust & Ergonomically Designed
The Hand-Held Search Randomiser (Battery-Powered) is lightweight but retains an impressive level of durability. The unit is designed to fit securely in the user’s hand and the curved edges allow for secure grasping.
Made_in_the_UKMade in the United Kingdom
The Hand-Held Search Randomiser (Battery-Powered) is made in the United Kingdom by a British manufacturer in Wales.
AlertsPass and Search
ColourGrey with Red Button
Warranty1 year Manufacturers Warranty
Country of OriginUK
Wall MountableYes
Power Source3 x AAA Batteries

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