Bladerunner Rhino Cut & Puncture Resistant Gloves

  • Heavy Duty Protective Glove
  • High Levels of Slash Resistance
  • High levels of Puncture Resistance
  • Made from High-Quality Materials
  • Warm for Use in Cold Weather
  • CE388 & ANSI Standards
  • Established UK Brand
  • 1 Year Warranty

Please consult the Interconnective Glove sizing chart in the Downloads section before making purchasing to ensure that you order the correct glove for you.

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

£42.00 (Incl.VAT)

Robust_IconHeavy Duty Protective Glove
The Bladerunner Rhino Cut & Puncture Resistant Gloves are a thick, highly protective, heavy-duty piece of safety equipment. They offer very high levels of protection and can take a lot of punishment. They are used by security, cleaning and other professional staff who may encounter slash, cut or puncture threats in the course of their duties.
High_Slash_Protection_IconHigh Levels of Slash Resistance
The Bladerunner Rhino Cut & Puncture Resistant Gloves offer a high level of protection against knives, glass and bladed hazards. They have been tested to EN388 Blade cut resistance level 5m tear resistance level 4 and abrasion resistance level 4.
Needle_Protection_IconHigh Levels of Puncture Resistance
The Bladerunner Rhino Cut & Puncture Resistant Gloves are very resistant to needles and punctures with the palms and fingertips having added protection. The Rhino as a whole has been tested to EN388 Puncture Resistance Level 4 with the added protection areas bearing further tested to ANSI 105-2016 Hypodermic Needle Puncture Level 2.
High_Quality_IconMade from High-Quality Materials
The Bladerunner Rhino Cut & Puncture Resistant Gloves are made from only the best materials, using high-quality leather, neoprene and official DuPont Kevlar. While most slash and needle resistant clothing uses unbranded Aramid Fibre, the Rhino uses the trademarked material from the official Kevlar manufacturers.
For_use_in_cold_weatherWarm for Use in Cold Weather
As mentioned above, the Bladerunner Rhino Cut & Puncture Resistant Gloves are thick and have layers of neoprene and leather that help keep the wearer warm. This allows the Rhino to be used outdoors in the winter months for extended periods.
Certified_IconCE388 & ANSI Standards
The Bladerunner Rhino Cut & Puncture Resistant Gloves have undergone rigorous testing and conform to the EN388 standards. They have achieved Blade Cut Resistance Level 5, Puncture Resistance Level 4, Tear Resistance 4 and Abrasion Resistance 4. The added protection on the palms and fingertips has been tested to ANSI Needle Puncture Level 2.
Made_in_the_UKEstablished British Brand
Bladerunner is an established British brand and is known in the UK Security sector for the quality of their products and have a reputation for innovative designs and reliable equipment.
Available SizesXS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXL
Materials UsedKevlar, Neoprene, Leather
EN388 Blade Cut ResistanceLevel 5
EN388 Puncture ResistanceLevel 4
EN388 Abrasion ResistanceLevel 4
EN388 Tear ResistanceLevel 4
ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Hypodermic Needle PunctureLevel 2

Interconnective Glove Sizing Chart

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