Bladerunner Coyote Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves

  • High Levels of Slash Resistance
  • Needle Resistance
  • Reasonable Level of Flexibility
  • Made from High Quality Materials
  • Warm for Use in Cold Weather
  • CE EN388 Standard
  • Established UK Brand
  • 1 Year Warranty

Please consult the Interconnective Glove sizing chart in the Downloads section before making purchasing to ensure that you order the correct glove for you.

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

£40.80 (Incl.VAT)

High_Slash_Protection_IconHigh levels of Slash Resistance
The Bladerunner Coyote Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves offer a high level of slash and cut resistance. The Coyote uses both Kevlar and Bladenoma anti-slash materials and has achieved European Standard EN388:2003 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5.
Needle_Protection_IconNeedle Resistance
The Bladerunner Coyote Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves offer some degree of Needle and Puncture resistance. They have been tested under the European Standard EN388:2003 – method 6.4 and achieved Puncture Resistance Level 3.
FlexibleReasonable Level of Flexibility
When choosing protective gloves, it is always a trade-off between protection and flexibility. The Coyote Glove offers a high level of protection without sacrificing too much finger dexterity. It allows wearers to perform more detailed manual tasks without too much impediment.
High_Quality_IconMade from High-Quality Materials
The Bladerunner Coyote Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves are made from high-end materials that include, branded Kevlar (instead of unbranded Aramid), Bladenoma anti-slash material and genuine leather.
For_use_in_cold_weatherWarm for Use in Cold Weather
The Bladerunner Coyote Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves’ outer shell is constructed from Kevlar and Genuine Leather. This means that the Coyote is insulated enough to be worn during the winter months and will keep the wearer warm on long shifts.
Certified_IconCE EN388 Standards
The Bladerunner Coyote Cut & Slash Resistant Gloves have been tested against a number of European standards and achieved EN388 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5, Tear Resistance Level 4, Abrasion Resistance Level 3 and Puncture Resistance Level 3.
Made_in_the_UKEstablished British Brand
Bladerunner is an established British brand and is known in the UK Security sector for the quality of their products and have a reputation for innovative designs and reliable equipment.
Available SizesXS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXL
Materials UsedKevlar, Bladenoma, Leather
EN388 Blade Cut ResistanceLevel 5
EN388 Puncture ResistanceLevel 3
EN388 Abrasion ResistanceLevel 3
EN388 Tear ResistanceLevel 4

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Interconnective Glove Sizing Chart