PPSS Covert Stab Vest (KR1 SP1)

  • Undershirt Body Armour
  • CAST 2017 Stab Protection
  • Certified by VPAM
  • Carbon Fibre Construction
  • Covert High-Quality Carrier
  • Weighs less than 2 Kilograms (Large)
  • Rigid Hard Armour
  • British Body Armour
  • Half-Year Warranty
  • Armour Exchange Program
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£514.80 (Incl.VAT)

Robust_Icon Cast 2017 Stab Protection
The PPSS Covert Stab Vest has achieved the latest Home Office KR1 SP1 protection level for cut, stab and spike attacks (CAST 2017). The Home Office Standard is one of the highest standards are available for body armour in the world. It has higher requirements than the equivalent US NIJ standard and comparable to the German TR Standard and European VPAM standards.
Robust and Durable Icon Certified by VPAM
While the primary certification for the PPSS Covert Stab Vest is the CAST 2017, the Home Office doesn’t actually have a certification solely for blunt force trauma. PPSS instead chose to prove their product’s protective chops by having it certified by VPAM in this category. It was awarded the W5 level of protection against kinetic force.
Carbon Fibre Icon Carbon Fibre Construction
The PPSS Covert Stab Vest is made from a cutting-edge carbon fibre composite called Fortiply. This ultra-strong material has a very low weight to strength ratio and as such is only 3.6mm thick but able to take an impressive amount of damage.
Discreet Covert High-Quality Carrier
The PPSS Covert Stab Vest was designed to be an undershirt body armour meaning that it needs to be undetectable under the user’s clothing. In order to achieve this, the carrier which holds the two armour panels against the body has to be unobtrusive as possible. The carrier is made from white, high-quality nylon that is not only tough but will not cause irritation against the skin. The shoulder straps are designed differently from the overt models in that they are much thinner and extend further down the chest. The side straps are also likewise less obvious with the pockets and KlickFast docks being removed to prevent protrusions. As this is an undershirt body armour, it is imperative that the user keeps heat to a minimum. The carrier is lined with a special mesh that circulates air and keeps the body cool
Carrier Icon Rigid Hard Armour
As the PPSS Covert Stab Vest is made using carbon fibre, it is rigid and inflexible which means that it will not bend when struck. While this does restrict movement somewhat, it gives a higher level of protection when being punched, kicked or struck by blunt objects. This is particularly impressive for an undershirt body armour.
Made in the United Kingdom Icon British Body Armour
The PPSS Group is a well-known British company that makes all of their armour at their factory in the United Kingdom. All of their armour is certified to British standards and meets the relevant UK manufacturing regulations.
Warranty Icon Half Year Warranty & Armour Exchange Program
All PSS body armour comes with a half year workman’s warranty that covers manufacturing defaults. Additionally, they run an armour exchange program whereby if an armour panel is damaged in an incident, they will replace it for only £50 (ex VAT and Carriage), all you need to provide is a crime reference number.
Hand Gun Protection Not Applicable
Knife Protection KR1
Spike Protection SP1
Certification Standard UK Home Office 2017
Colour White
Armour Panel Materials Carbon Fibre
Cover Materials Nylon
Weight (Size Large) 1.75 Kg (Large)
Adjustable Shoulders Yes
Adjustable Waist Yes
Covert Yes
Zip-Front Access Not Applicable
Warranty 6 Months

PPSS Carbon Fibre Body Armour Sizing Chart

How to wear PPSS Armour Video

PPSS Armour Demonstration Video

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