PPSS Navy Blue Overt Stab Vest (KR1 SP1)

  • PPSS Body Armour
  • Home Office Certified Protection
  • Blunt Force Trauma Certification
  • Made from Carbon Fibre
  • Rugged Armour Shell
  • Robust External Cover
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Dual Equipment Docks
  • Convenient Storage Pockets
  • UK Made Body Armour
  • 6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Panel Replacement Scheme
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£577.20 (Incl.VAT)

Certified_Icon Home Office Certified Protection
All PPSS Body Armour is certified by the UK’s Home Office testing standard for stab vests. The PPSS Navy Blue Overt Stab Vest has achieved the KR1+SP1 level of protection. This means that the Home Office has deemed the armour safe to be worn by government agents who may encounter knife and spike threats.
Blunt Force Trauma Icon Blunt Force Trauma Certification
The PPSS Navy Blue Overt Stab Vest is not only certified by the Home Office but also by VPAM for blunt force trauma. Blunt force trauma is the amount of energy transferred past the armour into the user’s body. All PPSS body armour has been rated W5 by VPAM which is the equivalent of 73.76 Foot-Pound of force.
Carbon Fibre Icon Made from Carbon Fibre
The PPSS Navy Blue Overt Stab Vest from carbon fibre which makes it very strong, firm, rigid and light. The fibres are very strong and have a low weight to strength ratio meaning that you can get more protection out of lighter armour. Pound for pound it offers more protection against knife and stab attacks than Kevlar but is less flexible.
Robust_Icon Rugged Armour Shell
Unlike Kevlar, Dyneema and to a lesser extent, Soft-steel armour, PPSS body armour acts as a rigid, hard shell. It does not bend and shape on the body and retains its original form while moving. The advantage of this is that the energy from attacks is dispersed largely across the armour with less making it to the user’s body. While it is more restrictive than Kevlar armour, it makes dealing with blunt attacks easier. This armour shell can take an impressive amount of punishment before impairing its functionality.
Carrier Icon Robust External Cover
The PPSS Navy Blue Overt Stab Vest consists of 2 armour panels and an outer cover that they are housed in. The outer cover is made from tough, durable, nylon thread. The cover is in a professional navy blue shade that can be integrated well with most uniforms. The cover also has hook and loop attachments sewn in that can be used with compatible badges. An inner lining helps keep the wearer cool during the summer months.
Adjustable Body Armour Icon Adjustable Straps
The PPSS Navy Blue Overt Stab Vest has four hook and loop straps where the two panels meet. These can be adjusted to make the armour more suitable for the user’s body shape. This is particularly important with hard armours as they do not conform to the body as easily as soft armours.
KlickFast Logo Icon Dual Equipment Docks
The PPSS Navy Blue Overt Stab Vest cover comes complete with two equipment docks, one on the left upper chest and one on the right shoulder. These are KlickFast compatible docks and will work with any equipment that has a suitable male connector. The KlickFast system is the industry standard in the UK for securing radios, body cams and other essential tools.
Pockets Icon Convenient Storage Pockets
On the front of the cover, you have two pockets that can be used to store anything from stationary to small equipment. They are made from the same quality nylon as the rest of the cover and offer a decent volume if you need to carry many items with you.
Made in the United Kingdom Icon UK Made Body Armour
The internet is full of body armour that claims to offer high levels of protection but they tend to originate from countries with lower production and testing standards than the UK. All PPSS body armour is made in the UK under British regulations.
Warranty Icon 6-Month Warranty & Panel Replacement Scheme
PPSS Body armour comes with a 6-month warranty on manufacturing defects as standard. The company additionally runs a Panel Replacement Scheme whereby if your armour panel is damaged on duty, they will replace it for just £50, not including shipping and VAT. All you need to have is a police report of the incident where the armour was damaged.
Hand Gun Protection Not Applicable
Knife Protection KR1
Spike Protection SP1
Certification Standard UK Home Office 2017
Armour Panel Materials Carbon Fibre
Cover Materials Nylon
Weight (Size Large) 1.75 Kg (Large)
Adjustable Shoulders Yes
Adjustable Waist Yes
Hook and Loop Patches Front and Back
Radio Loops Yes
Equipment Docks 2 KlickFast Compatible Docks
Zip-Front Access Not Applicable
Warranty 6 Months

PPSS Carbon Fibre Body Armour Sizing Chart

How to wear PPSS Armour Video

PPSS Armour Demonstration Video

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