The Partner Professional Patrol System – Robust Bundle

SKU: C001
  • Classic Guard Patrolling Device
  • Includes Partner Robust Recorder
  • Includes Docking Station with Adaptor
  • 20 High-Quality Patrol Points
  • Interconnective Software USB with License
  • Records Checkpoints along a patrol
  • Absolute Proof of Presence
  • Physical Shock Sensor
  • LED Notification Tail Light
  • Extra-Long Product Life
  • Developed in South Africa
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Partner Professional Patrol System is an advanced solution and may require guidance on choosing the right model for your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1494 446965 for more information about the system.

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Classic_Patrol_Management_System Classic Patrol Management System
The Partner Professional is “deister” style guard patrolling device that has been widely used in the UK for nearly two decades. It is comprised of a metal patrol recorder which is used to tap checkpoints along a patrol route as well as a downloader and software. The patrol data acts as proof of presence for officers who are supposed to go out on patrols.
Whats_in_the_box Whats in the bundle?
The Partner Professional Robust Bundle includes the basic elements you need to begin using the system. It includes a Partner Robust Recorder, a docking station, 20 Patner Patrol Points, a USB to Serial Adaptor and a Partner Professional Lifetime License. This will allow you to run a patrol with up to 20 checkpoints at any given time.
Patrol_System_Icon The Partner Robust Recorder
This bundle includes the iconic Partner Robust Recorder which is made from stainless steel finished with a tactile sheath grip. The Partner Robust Recorder is highly durable and intended to be used for extended periods. The internal components are sealed and potted with a flame retardant resin. The cylinder is sealed to prevent external tampering. It also has a shock sensor built in that will let you know when it has been dropped or thrown and how hard. 
Patrol_System_Shock_Sensor_Icon Physical Shock Sensor
The Partner Robust Recorder is one of the few guard patrolling devices that has a physical shock sensor. This sensor will record any drops, throws or impacts that breach a certain threshold. These will appear in the data downloads as events along with the date and time when they occurred. There are three categories of shock, low, medium and high. These events allow managers to see how their staff are treating the equipment so that they may act accordingly.
 LED_Notification_Icon LED End Cap Notification Light
At the bottom of the Partner Robust Recorder, there is an LED light. This light allows the device to notify the user of various statuses depending on the number of flashes. This can include when a point has been tapped, the guard patrolling device requires downloading, or if an error has occurred.
The Partner_Patrol_Point_Icon The Partner Patrol Points

The Partner Patrol Points are ultra-lightweight metal dots similar to ibuttons or dallas tags. The act as the checkpoints along the patrol route for the guard patrolling device. When a recorder “taps” the point, it will record the points unique ID number along with the date and time that the event occurred. When downloaded, the Parter Professional Software will match the ID number with any tag names that have been assigned to that ID number. The result is a list of tag name/locations that are easy to read. These points can also be used to designate specific incidents if used in conjunction with the incident wallet.

Software_License_Icon The Partner Professional Software and Single User Lifetime License
The Partner Professional Single User Lifetime licenses allows users to access the required software. The license is essentially per computer which means that you can have as many recorders, points, patrols and downloaders running as you want without buying a new license. This is a lifetime license so you will not have to renew it.
Long_Battery_Life_Icon Ultra-Long Battery Life

The Partner Robust Recorder uses a specially designed custom battery that is able to provide sufficient charge for between 2 -4 years depending on usage and storage conditions. Contrary to popular belief, the docking stations are not chargers, they are simply there for downloading data. When the battery goes dead, simply send the device into Interconnective for a replacement.

Long_Product_LIfe_Icon Extra Long Product Life Cycle

The Partner Robust is meant to be a long-term piece of equipment. Unlike many of the devices sold today, it is intended to be in use for decades, not years. Almost all of the internal components can be replaced or repaired which means that the same recorder can be reused without replacement. It is not uncommon for us to see recorders bought nearly 20 years ago still in use.

Made_in_South_Africa_Icon Made in South Africa
The Partner Professional was developed in South Africa and was designed to endure the rigors of use as a guard patrolling device by African security officers.
Patrol Recorder 1 x Partner Robust Recorder
Patrol Points 20 x Partner Patrol Points
Docking Station 1 x Partner Docking Station with USB Adaptor
Serial to USB Adaptor Included
Software Included
Software License Single User License (For use on 1 PC)
Recorder Length 192mm
Recorder Tube Diameter 31mm
Recorder Width 40mm
Recorder Weight 470g
Recorder Storage 4000 Records
Dock Height 100mm
Dock Width 90mm
Dock Weight 470g
Warranty 2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Partner Professional Patrol System Brochure

The Partner Robust Recorder Spec Sheet

The Partner Professional Downloader/Docking Station Spec Sheet

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