Risk P1 Portable Knife Arch

  • Portable Knife Arch
  • Modular Construction for Rapid Deployment
  • Highly Sensitive with 255 Levels
  • 24 Detection Areas
  • Head to Toe Detection
  • Mains & Battery Powered
  • 12000 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Wide Range of Operating Frequencies
  • 7” LCD Display for Configuration
  • Tally Counter with 4 Different Modes
  • Allows for High Speed Detection
  • Highly Configurable
  • IP54 Rated (IP67 with Waterproof Cover)
  • Includes Waterproof Cover
  • Password Protected
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • UK Brand
  • 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
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Knife Arch Icon Portable Knife Arch
The Risk P1 Portable Knife Arch is a state of the art walkthrough metal detector that is ideal for venues where the device is only deployed at certain times, is required to be moved around. It is lighter than normal knife arches at 42KGs and can be broken down and stacked easily for transportation and storage. It is highly sensitive and can detect both large and smaller masses of metal with a wide range of customisable options and features.
Easy to Use Icon Modular Construction for Rapid Deployment
This portable knife arch uses an innovative modular design which means that it can be broken down and reassembled quickly and easily. The manufacturers estimate deployment time to be 5 – 7 minutes for fully trained personnel. It also stacks with natural locking points and comes with a strap to hold everything in place. There are also handles and wheels to allow for easy transportation.
Signal Strength icon Highly Sensitive with 255 Levels
The Risk P1 Portable Knife Arch is highly sensitive with a wide range of sensitivity levels. While there are dozens of preset profiles, you can adjust the sensitivity levels manually, ranging from 0 to 255. Even more impressively, this can be done per detection area meaning that if you want higher sensitivity lower down on the target’s body while having lower sensitivity around their head and neck to avoid jewellery, you can.
Targeted Zones Icon 24 Detection Areas
The Risk P1 Portable Knife Arch has 24 distinct detection areas that give operators a clear idea of where a metal object is on a target’s person.  With 8 zones on either side of the body and 8 running down the middle, the device will indicate where the mass is by lighting the corresponding LED in red. The detection areas include the top of a persons head, right down to the bottom on their shoes.
Battery_Powered_Icon Mains & Battery Powered
This walkthrough metal detecting knife arch can utilise both mains and battery power to operate. This model includes a 12000 mAh Lithium Ion Polymer Battery that allows up to 9 hours of operation on a single charge.
Metal Detector UK Icon Wide Range of Operating Frequencies
The Risk P1 Portable Knife Arch can utilise a wide range of operating frequencies which can be set through the screen interface on the side. This allows you to choose the ideal frequency for your specific site and conditions, filtering out any commonly occurring sources of interference.
Screen icon 7” LCD Display for Configuration
On the outer side of the righthand panel, there is a 7” LCD screen that allows you to access the various features of the device. This screen is password protected, which you can change if you wish. All adjustments to the device’s settings and functions are done here.
Pass_Fail_Mechanism_icon Tally Counter with 4 Different Modes
The Risk P1 Portable Knife Arch has a built in tally counter with four different modes. This will count either how many people pass through the device or how many alarm activations you have had. There are two additional options for recording a tally if someone comes through the knife arch from the other side for each of the modes.
Weather_Resistant_Icon IP54 Rating and Waterproof Canopy
While by itself the Risk P1 Portable Knife Arch has an IP54 rating, you can further increase its’ waterproofing through use of the included canopy. Using plastic tubing to create a rigid frame around the device, the canopy goes over the frame and protects the knife arch from direct rain.
Established British Brand Icon UK Brand
While manufactured abroad, Risk Metal Detectors is a UK brand which is owned and operated by Interconnective Security Products out of the headquarters in England, United Kingdom.
Set Up External Dimensions 225cm x 83cm x 50cm
Set Up Internal Dimensions 205.1 x 72cm x 50cm
Deconstructed External Dimensions 88.9cm x 60.6cm x 48.4cm
Weight 42KG
Number of Detection Zones 24 Zones
Tally Counter Yes – 4 Options for Types of Tally
Alarms Adjustable with Wide Variety of Alarm Types
Operating Frequency Adjustable Range from 0 – 100
Sensitivity Levels 0 – 255
Detection Speed Rapid High Speed Detection up to a Person a Second
Battery 12000 mAh 11.1 Volt Battery
Battery Life Up to 9 Hours
Operating Temperature -20C to +60C
Relative Humidity 99% Non-Condensing
IPX Rating IP54 (IP67 with Waterproof Cover)
Includes Waterproof Cover Yes
Assembly Time 5 Minutes when fully trained
Screen Interface 7 Inch LCD Screen
Primary Material ABS Polycarbonate Alloy
Modular Design Yes
Number of Components 8 Pieces
Password Protection Yes
Warranty 12 Months for Manufacturing Defects

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