The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS

  • Ideal Security or Police Body Camera
  • Includes Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) License
  • NOT Compatible with MAC
  • Up to 1440p Recording with 60FPS at 1080p
  • 32 Megapixel Snapshots
  • H.265 Encoding (Upto 17 Hours of Footage Storage)
  • GDPR Compliant AES 256 Encryption
  • 140° Wide-Angle Lens
  • Anti-Tamper Design
  • Extended Range Infra-Red Night Vision & Low-Light Functionality
  • Extra Large Battery (100 + Hours Standby)
  • Up to 12 Hours of Continuous Recording at 1080p
  • IP67 Rating
  • Up to 2 minute Pre-Record and 1 minute Post Record
  • Customisable Watermark with GPS
  • Well-Known UK Brand
  • UK Based Technical Support
  • Includes Software USB, Klickfast Attachment, Crocodile clip, Solo Dock & Cable


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Police Body Camera icon Cutting Edge Body Camera Technology
The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS is a complete body camera solution that uses the latest in imaging technology. Designed for use as security and police body cameras, the MK4s can record in up to 1440p while achieving 60 FPS at 1080p. It has an advanced CMOS 4MP OV4689 Sensor and a high-end microphone that picks up sounds in the foreground while minimising sound in the background. It also has the ability to take high-resolution 32 Mega-Pixel still frame photos.
Police Body Camera with DEMS Icon Full Body camera DEMS software license Included
The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS includes a Digital Evidence Management Software license for the MK4 DEMS System. This software allows you to manage all of your files easily while maintaining an audit log of all downloads and changes made to the files. It allows you to view encrypted footage as well as de-encrypt it to be handed over to the police. The software is fully password protected and allows you to create user accounts to manage who has what level of access and track their actions while using the system. The DEMS license is per computer not per device and is a lifetime license. This means that once it is installed, you can use as many Partner MK4 body cameras running as you would like without having to pay for additional licenses. For more information on the DEMS licenses and buying standalone MK4s, please call 01494 446965. THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MAC.
Encrypted Body Camera icon Fully Encrypted and GDPR Compliant
The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS makes an ideal security and police body camera as it has full AES 256 Encryption which brings it into compliance with the UK GDPR Data Storage Regulations. When selected, all footage recorded by the Partner MK4 is encrypted on the camera. While the cameras are also password protected, even if someone were able to access the footage, they would not be able to view the footage. In order to view the footage, you would need the DEMS software or a decoder with the correct AES Key. This means that if a camera is stolen or misplaced with footage still on it, you will not be in breach of GDPR.
Wide_Angle_BodyCam_Icon 140° Wide-Angle Lens
There is a lot of debate on what the best angle for a lens is, too narrow and you do not capture enough footage on either side of the camera, too wide and you get the fish-bowl effect which makes the footage harder to view. The MK4 Body Camera with DEMS uses a 140° wide-angle lens that while wide enough to capture footage on both sides of the user and mitigate the “lean effect” from shoulder mounting, also does not distort the footage and leaves it clear and easy to view.
Pre_Post_Record_Camera Longer Duration Pre/Post Record
The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS has a much longer pre-record and post-record duration than most competitors. While this duration is adjustable, the Pre-record can store up to two minutes of footage before the record button has been pressed while the Post-Record can store up to 1 minute after the recording has stopped. This makes the Partner MK4 a popular choice for security and police body camera users as you are able to store evidence of the events leading up to an altercation while protecting against allegations of turning off the camera prematurely.
Infra_Red_BodyCam Extended Range Infra-Red Night Vision & Low-Light Functionality
The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS has two features to deal with low-light environments. The CMOS sensor will allow standard footage to be recorded even as the lux level in a room drops. Once the total light levels approach near darkness, the infra-red lamp will automatically kick in switching the footage to grey-scale. This will allow you to continue recording footage even in near-total darkness with a range of up to 15 meters.
Long_Battery_Life_Icon Impressive Battery Size and Duration
The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS has a built-in 3200mAh (custom battery sizes up to 3600 mAh is available for large orders) battery while most competitors will have 3000mAh or 2800mAh or lower. This means that the MK4 can offer 100+ hours of standby with up to 15 Hours of continuous recording. As the Partner MK4 is highly customisable, how long the battery lasts depends on a lot of things such as recording resolution, IR Lamp Sensitivity, Pre-record buffering duration, bitrate and more. Generally, you are able to record up to 12 Hours at 1080p, 13 Hours at 720p & 15 Hours at 480p.
Robust and Durable Icon Ruggedised, Durable Body Camera
The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS is designed to be rugged and durable. It has a hardened shell with an IP67 rating. Unlike, previous models, they have done away with the screen on the back which is a natural weak point for most body worn cameras. Additionally, it has been drop tested to 1.8 meters on a wood surface.
Tamper Resistant Icon Anti-Tamper Design
The Partner MK4 was designed as a security and police body camera and as such needed to be resistant to external tampering which may render the device inoperable or break the chain of custody. All of the Partner MK4’s components are internally sealed and non-removeable. The battery and SD card are built-in with the camera’s files being password protected and encrypted.
Watermark Icon Customisable Watermark with GPS
The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS is highly customisable with users being able to select a wide range of settings to adjust to meet their needs. It also allows for customization of the watermark which means that not only will it include GPS coordinates with the time and date but also the Device ID and User ID. If you wanted you could also change one of these to be your name,  company name or abbreviation depending on length. This would then appear on all footage recorded.
h.265 Encoding icon Advanced H.265 Encoding to increase storage
Not all memory cards are made equally and neither are encoding formats. While the Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS comes with 32GB of storage (custom storage upto 128GB is available for large orders), it uses advanced H.265 encoding technology to increase the amount of footage that can be stored on that 32GB to nearly the same as 64GB under the more common H.264 encoding. For a rough idea, you can store up to 11 hours of footage at 1080p and up to 17 Hours at 720p.
UK Technical Support Icon UK Based Technical Support
The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS is fully supported by the Interconnective Technical Support Team. Whether you are setting up your camera, your Digital Evidence Management Software or need advice on settings and optimization, we are here to help.
Whats_in_the_box Icon What is included in the package?
The Partner MK4 Body Camera with DEMS package includes the MK4 Camera, a crocodile clip, a KlickFast Compatible attachment, a USB cable, solo-dock & mains adaptor. It also comes with a re-useable Interconnective USB that contains the Partner MK4 Cam Manager software, Instruction Manual, MK4 DEMS Software and the MK4 DEMS Instruction Manual.
Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) License Yes
Length 8.15cm
Width 5.58cm
Height 2.3cm
Weight 141g
Activation Method Front Activation
Recording Resolutions 1440p (30 FPS) / 1296p (30FPS) / 1080p  (60/30FPS) / 720p (60/30FPS) / 480p (30FPS)
Photo Resolutions 32M, 16M,12M, 4M
Encryption AES256
Password Protection Yes
Video File Format MP4 (H.265/H.264)
Field of View 140° Degree Wide Angle
Watermark Configurable Time & Date, User ID, Device ID. Also GPS
Nightvision Automatic Infrared with 15m range
Pre Record 60 – 120 Seconds
Post Record 5/10/20/30/60
Battery Built-in 3200mAH Lithium Polymer (Other sizes available for large orders up to 3600mHa)
Screen No Screen
Connection USB Type C Port
Memory Storage 32GB (Other sizes available for large orders up to 128GB)
Storage / Video Footage Duration (H.265) Up to 1080p/11 Hours, 720p/17 Hours
Chipset Ambarella H22
CMOS Sensor 4MP OV4689
Battery Life (Continous Recording) Up to 1080p/12 Hours, 720p/13 Hours, 480p/15Hours
Battery Life (Standby) 100+ Hours
Operating Temperature From -30° to +55°
Storage Temperature From -40° to +60°
Water and Dust Rating IP67
Drop Test 1.8m
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

The Partner MK4 Body Camera User Manual 

The Partner MK4 Body Camera Brochure

The Partner MK4 DEMS User Manual


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