The Partner Online – CAT S42 H+ CAT Bundle

  • Advanced Patrol Management System
  • Real-Time Proof of Presence
  • Incident Reporting & Forms
  • Task Management
  • Lone Worker Functionality
  • Reports and Audit Trail
  • Remote Handset Control
  • Standard Annual License
  • Remote Support
  • Rugged CAT S42 H+ Mobile Handset
  • 20 High-Quality Metal-Shielded NFC Tags

This Bundle is part of the Partner Online Patrol Management System. For more information please, see the Partner Online Brochure. If you have any questions about the system or would like to book an online demonstration, please call us on 01494 446965.

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Patrol_System_Icon Advanced, Real Time Guard Tour System
The Partner Online is a next-generation digital tool made specifically for the security industry. It combines and improves on the functions of traditional patrol systems, lone working applications, form generators and task assignment systems by creating a combined real-time security management platform. The Partner Online guard tour patrol system consists of both a mobile app and a web-portal. Data is collected using mobile handsets and managed through the online web-portal. Please see the downloads section for a full brochure.
Incident_Reports_Forms_Icon Incident Reporting and Forms
The Partner Online includes Incident Reporting and Form functionality. Web-Portal users can fully customise incident reports and forms that can be used by app users when out on patrol or fulfilling tasks. You can also attach files to forms such as photos, should this additional information be required. When a form is completed and uploaded, it is hard hard-coded with the time/date and GPS data from when it was filled out. This helps create an audit trail should this data be required as evidence in court. Forms can also be filled out by Web-Portal users should this be required.
Task_Management_Icon Task Management
The Partner Online allows tasks to be assigned to individual points on a patrol. This means that officers looking to complete the patrol will not be able to check off a point until the task is done. Tasks can also be assigned when needed or scheduled and sent to all app users on a site. When one of the users accepts the task, it will be updated to in progress and assigned to that user. All tasks that have been accepted or completed leave a full record including dates and times for audit and report purposes.
Lone_Worker_Icon Lone Worker Functionality
The Partner Online comes complete with lone worker functionality. You can choose one of six options to help ensure that staff members are safe when at site or out on patrol. These include a Panic Alarm, Regular Check-In Notification, Shock Detector, Free-Fall Detector, Tilt Detector and Idle Detector.
Reports_Audit_Trail_Icon Reports and Audit Trail
Any data generated by the Partner Online app can be used to create a report for either internal or external use. Reports can be scheduled or generated when needed. They can be directly exported or set to email automatically to the desired email address. A log of all activity within the Partner System is recorded and cannot be modified by users which means that the Partner Online records can be used as evidence in court or for insurance claim purposes.
Remote_Handset_Control Remote Handset Control
The Partner Online includes elements of mobile device management software in its Guard Mode. By enabling this mode, a mobile handset is locked down and can only be used to access the Partner app. This prevents officers from using the device to make unrelated calls, surf the internet or play games. From the web-portal you can enable a white list of numbers that can be called as well as applications that can be used. You are also able to remotely control various functions of the handset as well as check where is even how much battery is left.
Partner_Online_Standard_License Standard Annual License
The Partner Online is billed based on the number of handsets used on any given locality. The Partner Online – Standard CAT Bundle includes 1 Standard Annual License which enables the use of 1 handset on a locality. There is no limit to the number of users that can be created. Partner Online Licenses are annual and need to be renewed 1 year after the date of dispatch. The Renewal Fee for 20/21 is currently £326.20(incl VAT and Remote Support). If you have any questions, please feel free to call us before ordering this bundle.
Remote_Support_Icon Remote Support
The Partner Online system is fully supported by Interconnective Security Products. In addition to the excellent level of service that we offer across all of our products, this bundle gives customers access to our remote support service. All devices bought as a part of a Partner Online bundle come complete with Teamviewer Remote Support. This application allows us to log in to the device at a client’s request and directly solve any issues that they may be having.
Cat_S42_Rugged_Handset_Icon Rugged CAT S42 Handset
The CAT S42 H+ is a rugged mobile handset produced by CAT phones for professional trades and used in demanding environments around the world. It has a 5.5” HD Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Display, a A20 Quad Core Processor, 32GB storage and 3GB RAM. It is 4G read and has an ultra-sharp 13 Megapixel camera on the back with a 5 megapixel selfie camera on the front. Most impressive is its’ 4200mAh battery which allows for all day use on a single charge. This CAT S42 H+ comes fully loaded with the Partner Online software already installed and fully set up as well as Teamviewer Remote Support.
NFC_Tag_Icon 20 High-Quality Metal-Shielded NFC Tags
This bundle includes 20 of the Partner NFC Tags. These 30mm diameter NFC tags are made from high-quality epoxy resin and are specially shielded to protect against interference from metallic surfaces. This means that unlike most NFC Tags, they can be fixed on to cabinets and metal gates, without negating their basic function. The back of the tag has a layer of 3M adhesive which allows fixing on to most common surfaces.
Customer_Support_Icon Free Training & Setup Support
When you receive your Partner Online Bundle, please contact us and we will help you set up your first site and talk you through how to get the most out of the system. We offer ongoing support and welcome any questions that you may have while using the Partner Online.
Whats_in_the_box Bundle Contents
This bundle includes:
1 x CAT S42 H+ Mobile Handset
1 x Partner Online Standard Annual License
1 x Annual Remote Support
20 x Partner Online NFC Tags
License Annual Standard License
Patrol Management Yes
Proof of Prescence Yes
Incidents & Forms Yes
Tasks Yes
Reports Yes
Lone Worker Yes
Remote Handset Control Yes
Digital Occurrence Book No
Asset Management No
Remote Support Yes
Handset Included CAT S42
Number of NFC Tags 20
Warranty 2 Years

Partner Online Brochure 2020

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Partner Online Remote Viewing Shareable Intro

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