Peter Jones KlickFast Quad Molle Dock (DOCKQUADMV)


• Molle Compatible KlickFast Dock
• 7 Locking Positions
• Robust and Durable
• Versatile Placement
• Easy Integration
• Fits All Official KlickFast Male Connectors
• Made in the UK

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KlickFast Mount Icon Molle Compatible KlickFast Dock
The Peter Jones KlickFast Quad Molle Dock integrates two mounting systems into one device. It allows secure and easy attachment to any MOLLE loop system on utility vests, kit bags, and other applications. Ideal for military and law enforcement personnel who need reliable and customisable attachment solutions.
Robust and Durable Icon Robust Construction
Made from high-quality, durable materials, the Peter Jones KlickFast Quad Molle Dock is designed to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use. Its sturdy construction ensures that equipment stays securely attached, even during rigorous activities.
Easy to Use Icon Easy Integration
The KlickFast Quad Molle Dock is designed for quick and straightforward attachment to existing MOLLE gear. Its simple design facilitates rapid attachment and detachment by feeding the MOLLE straps through the holes on the dock.
7 Locking Positions Icon Secure Locking Mechanism
The Peter Jones KlickFast Quad Molle Dock includes KlickFast’s dependable locking mechanism, ensuring that attached equipment like body cameras and radios remains securely in place. This secure locking system offers peace of mind, preventing accidental detachment of your gear.
Aramid_Fibre_Icon Customisable Configuration
This Peter Jones KlickFast Quad Molle Dock provides multiple attachment points, enabling users to customise their body cameras or radio setup based on specific operational needs.
KlickFast _Icon Fits All Official KlickFast Male Connectors
All official KlickFast Docks (female connectors) and KlickFast studs (male connectors) are the same size. This means that the Peter Jones KlickFast Molle Dock will work with any official KlickFast stud that you have attached to your equipment.
Compact and Lightweight
Despite its durable construction, the Klick Fast Quad MOLLE Dock remains compact and lightweight, ensuring it does not add unnecessary bulk to your gear. This characteristic is crucial for preserving agility and comfort during prolonged use.
Made in Britain Icon Made in the UK
Peter Jones is a widely respected UK brand who produce all their equipment in Britain. They are the industry standard for Locking Systems in a wide range of sectors around the country.


Weight 20g
Total Length 92mm
Total Width 54mm
Total Thickness 11mm
Colour Black
Materials Nylon
Dock Compatibility KlickFast, MOLLE, PALS
Dock Placement Tactical Vests, Backpacks, Belts
Warranty 12 Months

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