Peter Jones KlickFast Keyring (RSTUDKFKEY)

  • Fits All KlickFast Female Docks
  • High-impact Nylon
  • Official KlickFast Male Connector
  • Secure Fastening
  • Easy Access
  • Versatile Use
  • Quick Attachment
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Made in the UK
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100 in stock

Klickfast Stud Icon Fits All KlickFast Female Docks
This Peter Jones KlickFast Stud with Keyring is compatible with all KlickFast female docks. This allows for seamless integration with already existing KlickFast products such as belt loops, crocodile clips, chest harness and more.
Secure Lock Icon Secure Fastening
The KlickFast System features a secure locking mechanism that keeps your device firmly in place. It only releases when the device is rotated a full 180 degrees and then pulled upward, preventing accidental detachment. This design ensures that your body camera or device remains securely attached and requires intentional effort for removal, which may involve detaching the entire dock from the harness or clothing.
KlickFast Mount Icon Official KlickFast Make Connector
This KlickFast Keyring, produced by Peter Jones, serves as a male connector. It slides into the back of a belt loop, clip, or any other Peter Jones female dock, allowing for a secure attachment.
Robust_Icon High Impact Nylon Stud
Made from high-impact nylon, the Peter Jones KlickFast Stud with Keyring provides resistance to bending or breaking under normal conditions. It uses a steel screw in the centre to securely attach the stud to the keyring.
Easy to Use Icon Easy Access
The Peter Jones KlickFast Stud with Keyring allows security personal to attach equipment to the keyring such as keys, tools or small objects. This keyring works well with other KlickFast products like the Peter Jones KlickFast belt loops. This feature helps keep track of keys and reduces the likelihood of losing them during tasks.
Versatile Use
The Peter Jones KlickFast Stud with Keyring can be paired with a variety of Peter Jones products that feature a KlickFast female dock and can be used in many locations like a person’s hip. It can be used to store keys, ID badges and tools.
Made in Britain Icon Made in the UK
This stud, like all other KlickFast docks and studs, was designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by Peter Jones.
Weight 0.010kg
Length 70mm
Width 20mm
Height 5mm
Connector KlickFast Stud
Material High Impact Nylon
Compatibility KlickFast
Manufacturer Peter Jones
Attachment Type Slide On
Warranty 12 Months

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