Peter Jones KlickFast Armband (DOCKARMBAND)

  • Fits all KlickFast Male Connectors
  • Multiple Positions
  • Adjustable Length
  • Non-slip Texture
  • High-impact Nylon
  • One Size
  • Lightweight but Durable
  • Made in the UK
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3 in stock

Klickfast Stud Icon KlickFast Dock for Body Cameras and Radios
The Peter Jones KlickFast Armband features a KlickFast dock that is designed to securely hold body cameras, radios and other KlickFast-enabled devices. This ensures that your equipment is easily accessible and securely fastened during use.
KlickFast Mount Icon Fits All KlickFast Male Connectors
This KlickFast armband is compatible with all KlickFast male connectors, offering exceptional versatility. This feature allows it to securely attach to a wide range of devices such as body cameras, radios, scanners, and personal alarms, ensuring adaptability across different operational needs and scenarios.
Easy to Use Icon Easy to Use
The Peter Jones KlickFast Armband is very easy to use and can be worn on various parts of the arm, including the upper arm, forearm, or wrist. Its adjustable strap allows users to secure it without needing any permanent modifications to their uniform or clothing.
Adjustable for comfortable fit Icon  Adjustable Length
This Peter Jones KlickFast Armband features an adjustable length to provide a comfortable and secure fit for different arm sizes. This adjustability allows for a customised fit, enhancing both comfort and stability during use. The secure fastening system ensures that the armband stays in place during various activities, preventing it from slipping or moving.
Non-slip Texture
The Peter Jones KlickFast Armband includes a non-slip texture, ensuring it remains securely in place even during active use. This feature helps keep the armband steady and in the desired position, reducing the risk of shifting or movement. The non-slip texture also enhances grip, providing additional stability and reliability during various activities.
Robust_Icon High-Impact Nylon Dock
Made from high-impact nylon, elastic, and leather, this KlickFast Armband dock offers resilience against bending or breaking, except when subjected to significant pressure.
One Size
The Peter Jones KlickFast Armband was designed as a one-size-fits-all solution; the armband can accommodate various users without the need for different sizes or adjusting any clothing or uniforms.
Lightweight but Durable
Constructed from high-impact nylon, elastic, and leather, this KlickFast Armband is lightweight yet durable. The Peter Jones KlickFast Armband can withstand everyday wear and tear and be used for prolonged periods of time.
Made in Britain Icon Made in the UK
Made in the UK, the Peter Jones KlickFast Armband reflects high standards of manufacturing quality and attention to detail, ensuring a reliable and durable product.
Weight 0.070kg
Length (at longest point) 420mm
Height 90mm
Adjustable Yes
Elasticated Strap Yes
Size One Size
Placement Upper Arm, Forearm or Wrist
Dock Compatibility KlickFast
Suitable For Body Cameras, Radios
Warranty 12 Months

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