The Partner Online Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag – 100 Pack

  • Patrol Checkpoint
  • 100 x NFC Tag Pack
  • High-Quality Epoxy Resin
  • Metal-Shielded
  • Self-Adhesive
  • 30mm Diameter
  • Secure, Read-Only Unique ID
  • Discreet & Unobtrusive
  • For Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Made to ISO14443A
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10 in stock

Epoxy_Resin_Icon High-Quality Epoxy Resin
The Partner Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag is made from a high-grade epoxy resin and PVC laminate which makes it more durable and weather resistant than standard hard plastic and sticker-based NFC Tags. It is smooth to the touch with a glossy laminate finish on the front and 3M adhesive on the back. It is used as part of the Partner Online System to represent patrol checkpoints on a route.
Metal_Shielded_NFC_Tag_Icon Metal-Shielded
Standard NFC tags cannot be used when applied to metallic surfaces due to the background interference that these materials create. The Partner Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag is designed specially to minimise this interference and allows the tag to be used as a patrol checkpoint on more surfaces including cabinets, safes, metal frames and more.
Measurement_Icon 30mm Diameter
There is often a correlation between the size of an NFC tag and the read-distance required. It is important that a tag maximises effect but remains small enough to not be too noticeable to the public or be an eye-sore when placed around site. The Partner Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag is 30mm in diameter which makes it small enough to go unnoticed without sacrificing any functionality.
Self_Adhesive_NFC_Tag_Icon Self-Adhesive
The Partner Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag uses 3M adhesive on the back-face which allows it to be fixed to a large number of surfaces. Users can simply peel off the protective layer and attach it where needed. Once fixed in the desired location, the industrial-strength adhesive will hold in place even when exposed to the elements. Being assured that your tag will remain stuck gives it the stability needed to be used as a patrol checkpoint.
Read_Only_NFC_Tag_Icon Secure, Read-Only ID
The Partner Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag is read-only and cannot be written to, which means that its ID cannot be changed. As NFC Tags have unique IDs, being able to change that ID reduces the integrity of whatever system the Tag is used as part of. This is especially important if it is being used as part of a Patrol System. The Partner Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag operates at 13.56 MHz and uses a Ntag213 chip.
Discreet Discreet & Unobtrusive
As mentioned above, The Partner Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag is the ideal size for use on security, construction and cleaning sites. While already inconspicuous, it can also be painted to match any surface that it is being attached to.
Outdoor_Indoor_Use_Icon For Indoor & Outdoor Use
This Patrol Checkpoint is rated for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used in temperatures as low as -20° and as high as 50° Celsius.
Diameter 30mm
Thickness 2mm
Weight 3g
Colour White
Materials Epoxy Resin, PVC, 3M Adhesive
Metal Shielded Yes
Self-Adhesive Yes
Read Only Yes
Screw to Fit No
Operating Temperature Between -20° and 50° Celcius
Number of Tags 100

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