The Partner Online Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag

  • The Partner Patrol Tag
  • Ntag213 Chip
  • Shielded from Metalic Interference
  • Industrial Strength 3M Adhesive
  • 30mm Diameter
  • Unwritable, Read Only Tag
  • Low Profile and Highly Discreet
  • Can be used both Internally and Externally
  • Made to ISO14443A
  • This item is sold as an individual NFC Tag
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3324 in stock

Epoxy_Resin_Icon Made from Superior Materials
The Partner NFC Tag is a high-quality, little device made from a robust epoxy resin with a built-in metal component that shields it from interference from metallic objects. It is self-adhesive and has 3M, industrial-strength adhesive on the back. It uses an Ntag 213 chip and emits at 13.56 MHz.
Metal_Shielded_NFC_Tag_Icon Shielded from Metalic Interference
This Partner Patrol Tag is metal shielded. This means that unlike normal NFC tags which stop working when placed on a metal surface, the Partner NFC tag will continue to function. This is achieved through the use of a specially placed metallic layer inside of the tag.
Measurement_Icon The Ideal Size for an NFC Tag
When making NFC tags, it is important to find a balance between discretion and being missable. The Partner Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag is 30mm in diameter which makes it large enough to notice and interact with but without being unwieldy or obtrusive.
Self_Adhesive_NFC_Tag_Icon Industrial Strength 3M Adhesive
The Partner Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag is self-adhesive. On the back of the tag, there is a protective layer that users can peel away. Underneath is a film of industrial-strength, 3M adhesive. Simply remove the protective layer and fix the tag to the location of your choice. Once set, the adhesive will also be resistant to water.
Read_Only_NFC_Tag_Icon Unwritable, Read Only Tag
This Partner Patrol Tag is read-only. This means that its unique ID cannot be rewritten or edited. This reduces the risk of tampering by officers who do not wish to go out on patrol and maintains the integrity of the patrols.
Discreet Low Profile and Highly Discreet
This Partner Patrol Tag has a smooth exterior and is a plain white colour which helps it blend into the background on common surfaces around site. It is large enough to be noticeable but small and discreet enough to not ruin the overall aesthetic on site.
Outdoor_Indoor_Use_Icon Can be used both Internally and Externally
Unlike some NFC tags, The Partner Epoxy Metal-Shielded NFC Tag is rated for use in sub-zero temperatures. This means that you can use the same tags indoors as you use outdoors. The bottom limit for external use is -20° Celsius.
Diameter 30mm
Thickness 2mm
Weight 3g
Colour White
Materials Epoxy Resin, PVC, 3M Adhesive
Metal Shielded Yes
Self-Adhesive Yes
Read Only Yes
Screw to Fit No
Operating Temperature Between -20° and 50° Celcius
Number of Tags 1

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