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A cutting edge Patrol System with Proof of Presence and a host of other features.

Key Features

  • Proof of Presence
  • Real-Time Patrol Management
  • Incident Reporting & Forms
  • Task Assignment & Management
  • Lone Worker Functionality
  • Handset Control
  • Digital Daily Occurrence Book
  • Asset Management

The Partner Online is the result of decades of experience in the UK security industry. The successor to the widely adopted Deister competitor, The Partner Professional, the Partner Online builds on its predecessor’s success and improves it.

Not simply a proof of presence app, the Partner Online integrates a host of features into its patrol system core.

The Partner Online has two components, the mobile app which is installed on to a mobile handset and a web portal that allows you to manage all the functions within the system.

App users go out on patrols, tapping NFC tags which represent checkpoints on a patrol. Using a network, the app will update the server in real-time. This means that web-portal users can see when a point is tapped and track how far along a patrol the user is. All patrol data is automatically collated into reports which users can set to automatically be sent to the email addresses of their choice at the time of their choice.

Tasks can be assigned to individual points such as fire extinguisher or window checks. App users will be unable to progress unless the task has been completed. Alternatively, web portal users can assign tasks to individual app users or all users in a certain locality in real-time. Once a user has accepted the task, it will be unavailable for other users. This allows for efficient, seamless workforce management.

The Partner Online also allows for the creation and dissemination of forms. Web-portal users can create forms for app users to complete under certain circumstances. A good example of this are incident forms. You can customise your own incident form with separate categories for different types of incidents. If you wish, you can also have these forms sent automatically to designated persons once they are completed. All completed forms are hard coded with the date/time/user data as well as GPS coordinates of the user who filled it out. This allows for a clear audit trail should it be required.

Despite being a low-cost service, The Partner Online also has a host of other features including Lone Worker Functionality, Digital Daily Occurrence Book, , Mobile Device Management, Asset Management and more.

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