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A low-cost, high-spec locally installed, fully integrated body camera with Digital Evidence Management Software Solution

Best body worn camera UK Partner MK4 Front2 photoThe Partner MK4 Body Camera was designed specifically for the security industry and is made to fill in the gap between low-cost stand-alone body cameras and much more expensive comprehensive offerings that include Digital Evidence Management Systems (DEMS).

The Partner MK4 is one of the highest spec security bodycams on the market today and is fully integrated with its own DEMS Software.

While most body camera companies have moved toward the SaaS model with cloud storage and ongoing costs, the Partner MK4 and its related software is a one-off cost with all files stored locally. The MK4 DEMS Software also does not communicate externally, making it ideal for use on sites that require strict
network security.

For multi-camera sites, The Partner MK4 also has a 10 Port USB3.0 docking station for rapid downloading and fast charging. The MK4 also comes with a KlickFast attachment as standard meaning that you can use it with any of your
existing KlickFast docks, straight out of the box.


 How is the Partner MK4 different than competitors?

• Very High-Quality Recording – It can record at 1440p at 30FPS or 1080p at 60FPS as well as lower resolutions.

• Extra Large Battery – It has a 3200mHa battery that allows up to 15 Hours of recording depending on resolution and 100 hours of standby.

• Fully Encrypted – The MK4 uses full AES256 Encryption The DEMS also allows you to decrypt files for easy transfer to Police.

• H265 Encoding – Allows you to stretch your 32GB farther than ever before 11 Hours at 1080 p and 17 Hours at 720p.

• Customisable Watermark – If you want to have your company abbreviation or individual officer name/ID burnt on to all footage, you can.

•Highly Customisable Settings – The Partner MK4 Camera Manager allows you to modify most of the individual settings on the camera including resolution, pre/post record length, LED functions, stealth mode and more.

•32 Megapixel Snapshots – The Partner MK4 can take very high resolution snapshots at the touch of a button.

•Highly Robust – The Partner MK4 is built to last, has an IP67 rating and is 1.8m drop tested.

• Full UK Technical Support – Unlike most body cameras that can be bought online, The Partner MK4 is fully supported by the Interconnective Security Products Technical Support team who can be reached Mon – Fri, 9 – 5. No virtual switchboards, no callbacks.