Nightsearcher Magnum 11600 Rechargeable Ultra Bright Torch

  • Nightsearchers Brightest LED Torch
  • Ultra Bright 11600 Lumen beam
  • Rechargeable
  • 6 Light Settings
  • Rotating Light Mode Dial
  • Transportation Lock
  • 4 x Ultrabright CREE XHP70 N4 LED
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Includes Hard Carry Case, USB AC Charger & Cable
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Powerful_LED_Torch The Big Daddy of Rechargeable Torches
The Magnum 11600 is the brightest LED torch made by Nightsearcher. It emits an obscene 11600 lumens and has a range of 525 metres. This heavy-duty ultra bright torch has 4 powerful CREE LEDs that work in unison to make one of the most powerful beams on the market.
Adjustable_Brightness_Icon 6 Light Settings
The Nightsearcher Magnum 11600 Rechargeable Ultra Bright Torch has six light settings, 5 of which are power gradients as well as a flashing mode.  The power gradient settings allow users to cycle between performance and battery conservation depending on their preferences. The flashing mode allows the user to signal colleagues and passersby by putting out intermittent flashes of light a 8Hz. Not only is it Nightsearcher’s brightest led torch but also one of the most versatile.
Adjustable_Sensitivity_Metal_Detector Rotating Light Mode Dial
The Nighsearcher Magnum 11600 Rechargeable Ultra Bright Torch uses a rotating light mode dial system rather than single button adjustment. This allows users to select their desired light setting far more quickly and is easier to use. Unlike single button adjustment torches, the Magnum 11600 does not require you to cycle through light settings and thus avoids frustrating overshoots and re-selecting.
Transportation_Lock_Icon Transportation Lock
The Nightsearcher Magnum 11600 Rechargeable Ultra Bright Torch comes with a transportation lock as standard to prevent accidental activation. Ultra-bright torches have high energy consumption, this helps prevent any unwanted surprises when the torch is required. Given that it is Nightsearcher’s brightest torch, you definitely don’t want it shining in random directions without warning.
Rechargeable_icon Rechargeable and Replaceable
The Nightsearcher Magnum 11600 Rechargeable Ultra Bright Torch comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery but if a user has been unable to charge it or is caught short, 3 x C Alkaline batteries can be used instead.
Robust_Icon Heavy-Duty, Robust Construction
The Nightsearcher Magnum 11600 Rechargeable Ultra Bright Torch is built to be robust. It is protected by a type 3 hard anodised aluminium housing and has an IP67 rating. It also has a specially designed, knurled grip to prevent accidental slippage. The Magnum 11600 is a substantial device and weighs 1.235KG. It is not only the brightest led torch but also one of the most durable.
Whats_in_the_box What’s in the Box
The Nightsearcher Magnum 11600 is supplied with a custom made carry case, a UK USB AC Charger and cable.
Made_in_the_uk_black_icon Established British Brand
For nearly 20 years, Nightsearcher has been providing high-quality light and torch solutions to UK first-responders, security, hospitals and more. Nightsearcher is well-known for the quality of their products and has strong brand recognition through-out the security industry.
Lightsource 4 x Ultra Bright Cree XHP70 N4 LEDs
Luminosity 11600 lumens (Adjustable)
Beam Distance Up to 525 metres
Rechargeable Yes
Dimensions 273 x 95mm
Weight 1.235 KG
Run Time Up to 54 hours (depending on power setting)
Colour Grey
Batteries 7.4V / 7800mAh Lithium Battery (Included) or 3 x C Alkaline Batteries
Water Resistance IP67

Magnum 11600 Manufacturer Brochure

Nightsearcher Magnum 11600 Instruction Manual

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