MD-300 Hand Metal Detector

  • Circular Hand Metal Detector
  • Unique Design
  • 3 Types of Notification incl Vibration
  • Single Sensitivity Level
  • Also Detects Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Decent Build Quality
  • Long Life Battery
  • White Label
  • Requires 1 x 9 Volt Battery (Not Included)
  • Manufactured in China
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Circular Metal Detector Icon Circular Hand Metal Detector
The MD-300 Hand Metal Detector is decently sized at 35cm long and quite lightweight. It has 2 alarm settings and quite a wide detection area at 13.5cm. It can detect medium to large masses of metal including knives, guns and screw drivers. It is a decently priced hand metal detector with an interesting design.
Easy to Use Icon Unique Design
The MD-300 Hand Metal Detector has an interesting design that seems to be inspired by the Rapiscan metal detectors Metor 28e range. The detection area seems to cover the whole cavity of the circle and does not have a dead spot in the middle like some other Chinese circular security wands.
Audiao_Visiual_Vibrating_Detection_Alarm_Icon 3 Types of Notification incl Vibration
The MD-300 has 3 types of alert for when metal has been successfully detected. The usual LED and piezo alarm combo as well as the more discreet vibration mode. The buzzer on this model is also surprisingly vigorous.
Sensitivity Icon Single Sensitivity Level
This Hand Metal Detector has a single sensitivity level that has been specifically calibrated to find metal objects such as knives, guns and other weapons. It is not calibrated to find small objects such as sim cards or washers. This means that there will be fewer false positives.
Stainless Steel Construction Icon Decent Build Quality
The MD-300 Hand Metal Detector has a fairly decent build quality for a Chinese made security wand. The outer casing is sealed well and the switch is set correctly. A common flaw of low-cost devices is the pieces poorly fitting, a problem that this device does not have. While not as solid as a brand name security wand, it is a decent quality hand metal detector for the price.
White Label Icon White Label
The MD-300 Is a White Label product which means that it is sold under various brand names in the UK but with all of them originating from the same factory abroad. You may see this hand metal detector available online in a wide range of prices but it is still the same device.
Made in China Icon Manufactured in China
The MD-300 Hand Metal Detector is manufactured in China and has been sourced from a reputable company who sells security wands around the world.
Detection Alarm Audio, Vibration & LED
Detection Area Along the Circular Detection Area
Detection Area Length 13.5cm
Detection Area Width 13.5cm
Handle Length 12cm
Handle Width 4cm
Total Length 35cm
Total Width 13.5cm (At Widest Point)
Thickness 4cm
Weight 165g
Weight (Incl Battery) 210g
Operating Temperature -37°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -37°C to 70°C
Battery Type 9V
Number of Sensitivity Settings 1
Includes Batteries No
Low Battery Indicator Yes

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