KlickFast Stud for Hytera VM580D (VM550 & VM550D)

  • Official KlickFast Male Connector
  • Made for Hytera VM580D VM550 and VM550Ds
  • High Impact Nylon Stud
  • Quick Deployment
  • Secure Fastening
  • Made in the UK

IMPORTANT: This stud is for the Hytera VM580, VM550 and VM550D only. It will NOT fit Boblov or any other make of body camera. Please do not buy it if you are trying to install it on a non-Hytera body camera, you will BREAK your device.

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98 in stock

Klickfast Dock Icon Official KlickFast Male Connector
This KlickFast Stud was produced by Peter Jones for Hytera and as such is an official KlickFast product. The stud acts as a male connector which can be used to fasten your body cameras in to place with any official KlickFast dock.
Hytera Logo Icon Made for Hytera VM580D, VM550 and VM550D
This KlickFast Stud was originally designed for Hytera VM550s and VM550D models but is also compatible with the newer VM580D. It was specially made to fit into the grooves along the back of these models. Hytera’s cameras tend to be unique in their shape and as such, it is not recommended that this stud is used with other makes.
Robust_Icon High Impact Nylon Stud
KlickFast Stud for Hytera VM580D (VM550 & VM550D) body cameras is made out of robust, high impact nylon. It is very difficult to bend and will not snap unless placed under a high degree of pressure. A steel screw holds the KlickFast head to the custom Hytera base and adds to its’ ruggedness.
Easy_to_Use_Icon Quick Deployment
The KlickFast System has become the industry standard for radio and body camera locking systems because it locks devices securely in place and can be deployed rapidly. Simply push the male connector in to the KlickFast dock, and twist 180 degrees. Your device will now be firmly secured in place.
Secure Icon Secure Fastening
The KlickFast System ensures that your device is locked securely in place. Unless the device is turned and full 180 Degrees and then pulled up, it will not fall out of the dock. This means that your body camera or device will not fall out by itself and can only be forcibly removed if the whole dock is torn from the harness/clothing it is attached to.
Made_in_the_UK Icon Made in the UK
All official KlickFast connectors and docks are made in the UK by Peter Jones Ltd. This stud has been specially commission by Hytera for use with their devices.
Dimensions 2.2cm x 1.6cm x 1.3cm
Weight 5g
Connector KlickFast
Material High Impact Nylon
Compatibility Hytera VM580D, VM550, Hytera VM550D
Manufacturer Peter Jones

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