KlickFast Stud for Hikvision DS-MH2311 & DS-MCW407 Body Cameras

  • Official KlickFast Male Connector
  • Only Fits Hikvision DS-MH3211 & DS-MCW407
  • Quick Attachment and Detachment
  • Secure Fastening
  • High Impact Nylon Stud
  • Fits All Authentic KlickFast Docks
  • Made in the UK
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4 in stock

Klickfast Stud Icon Official KlickFast Male Connector
This KlickFast stud for Hikvision body cameras is manufactured by Peter Jones. It functions as a male connector, sliding into the back of the body camera to enable secure attachment to any official KlickFast dock.
Best personal body camera icon Only Fits Hikvision DS-MH3211 & DS-MCW407
This Hikvision KlickFast stud is specifically designed for Hikvision body cameras DS-MH2311 and DS-MCW407. These body cameras have a distinct shape compared to other models like the MK4 or Elog, making other KlickFast Studs incompatible and potentially damaging to the device.
Easy to Use Icon Quick Attachment and Detachment
The KlickFast System is widely used across various industries for securely locking body cameras and radio systems, allowing for quick deployment. To secure your device, insert the male connector into the KlickFast dock and rotate it 180 degrees, ensuring a firm and reliable attachment.
Secure Lock Icon Secure Fastening
The KlickFast System provides a secure locking mechanism for your device, keeping it firmly in place unless it is rotated a full 180 degrees and then pulled upward, which prevents accidental detachment. This ensures that your body camera or device will not dislodge on its own and requires deliberate force for removal, potentially necessitating the removal of the entire dock from the attached harness or clothing.
Robust_Icon High Impact Nylon Stud
The KlickFast Stud for Hikvision DS-MH2311 & DS-MCW407 Body Cameras is made from high-impact nylon, providing resistance to bending or breaking under normal conditions. A steel screw securely attaches the KlickFast head to the custom Hikvision base.
KlickFast Mount Icon Fits All Authentic KlickFast Docks
This Hikvision KlickFast stud body cameras is a genuine Peter Jones KlickFast product, guaranteeing compatibility with all official KlickFast Docks. To secure your equipment, insert the stud into the female connector and rotate it 180 degrees, locking it into place.
Made in Britain Icon Made in the UK
All docks and connectors from Peter Jones Ltd are produced in the United Kingdom. The Stud is tailored for exclusive use with Hikvision DS-MH2311 & DS-MCW407 body cameras.
Length 2.1cm
Width 2cm
Height 1.2cm
Weight 0.5g
Connector KlickFast
Material High Impact Nylon
Compatibility DS-MH2311 & DS-MCW407
Manufacturer Peter Jones
Attachment Type Slide On


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