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KlickFast Stud for Elog Body Cameras

  • Official KlickFast Male Connector
  • Made for Elog Body Cameras
  • Compatible with the ELOG X3/X4, A21 and F1 Only
  • Rugged Nylon Stud with Metal Frame
  • Quick Deployment
  • Secure Fastening
  • 7 Locking Positions
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59 in stock

Klickfast Stud Icon KlickFast Stud (Male Connector)
This KlickFast Stud was specially produced to make Elog body cameras compatible with official KlickFast docks. The stud acts as a male connector that is slid into the back of your body camera and then mounted into the KlickFast dock like you would any other piece of equipment.
Police Body Camera icon Made for Elog X3/X4, A21 and F1 Body Cameras
The KlickFast Stud for Elog Body Cameras was specially made to fit in to the grooves along the back of the Elog X3, Elog X4, Elog A21 and Elog F1. This stud will not fit other models, particularly from other manufacturers. THIS WILL NOT FIT A BOBLOV CAMERA.
Robust and Durable Icon Rugged KlickFast Stud
The KlickFast Stud for Elog Body Cameras is made from ABS plastic backed with metal. It is resistant to damage and is designed to be able to take a significant amount of pressure before warping or deforming.
Easy to Use Icon Quick Deployment
The KlickFast System has gained widespread recognition as the industry benchmark for radio and body camera locking mechanisms. Its reputation is rooted in its ability to firmly secure devices in position while allowing for swift deployment. To use, just insert the male connector into the KlickFast dock and give it a 180-degree twist, instantly ensuring a secure hold for your device.
Secure Lock Icon Secure Fastening
The KlickFast System guarantees a secure lock for your device, preventing any accidental detachment. The device can only be removed by intentionally turning it a full 180 degrees and then pulling it up; it will not fall out of the dock on its own. This design ensures that your body camera or device remains firmly in place and can only be forcibly removed if the entire dock is torn from the harness or clothing to which it is attached.
7 Locking Positions Icon 7 Locking Positions
Similar to other KlickFast attachments, the KlickFast Stud for Elog Body Cameras offers seven locking positions, providing you with the flexibility to position your mounted device precisely as you desire. Whether you prefer a 45° or 90° angle on your belt for a radio, camera, or torch, this docking system allows you to achieve your preferred setup with ease.
Dimensions 4.7cm x 4cm x 2.5cm
Weight 20g
Connector KlickFast Compatible
Material ABS and Metal
Compatibility Elog X3/X4, Elog F1, Elog A21
Manufacturer Elog

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