KlickFast Icom Radio Stud for IC-F1000 and IC-F2000 (RSTUDF2000)

  • KlickFast Stud for Icom Radios
  • Fits Icom IC-F1000 & IC-F 2000 radios
  • Quick attachment
  • High-Impact Nylon Stud
  • Fits All Real KlickFast Docks
  • Manufactured in Britain
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8 in stock

KlicKFast Battery Stud Icon KlickFast Stud for Icom Radios
This KlickFast Stud was specially designed by Peter Jones, the creators of the KlickFast Locking System, for Icom radios. This stud allows your device to become compatible with KlickFast docks and enables you to quickly mount and deploy them when needed. Requires a KlickFast dock attachment to complete the set.
Raido_Compatible_BodyCam Fits Icom IC-F1000 & IC-F2000 Radios
The KlickFast Icom Radio Stud is designed to be fit Icom IC-F1000 and IC-F2000 radios. While it is possible that this stud may fit other equipment, it is only tested and approved for these devices. The stud is made to fit the grooves on the back of the radio and slides in and locks.
Easy_to_Use_Icon Quick Attachment
Unlike some of the Hytera models, the KlickFast Icom Stud is a side on attachment and does not require screws or preparation. Simply slide the stud in and listen for a click. You can now mount your device onto a KlickFast Dock.
Robust_Icon High-Impact Nylon Stud
The KlickFast Icom Radio Stud for IC-F1000 and IC-F2000 radios is made out of highly durable, high-impact nylon. This means that not only is it resistant to the elements, but also resilient enough to be used on the most rough and tumble sites.
KlickFast Mount Icon Fits All Real KlickFast Docks
All KlickFast studs and docks produced by Peter Jones are the same sizes. This means that you are able to use the stud with any of the massive range of KlickFast docks that are available. If you already have one that you wish to use, please ensure that it is a genuine Peter Jones product to avoid disappointment.
Made in Britain Icon Manufactured in Britain
Peter Jones is the only manufacturer of authentic KlickFast products, the vast majority of which are produced at their factory in England.
Length 2.1cm
Width 1.9cm
Height 1.2cm
Weight 3g
Connector KlickFast
Material High Impact Nylon
Compatibility Icom ICF1000 & ICF2000 Radios
Manufacturer Peter Jones
Attachment Type Slide On

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