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KlickFast Clip-On Dock (DOCK011)

  • Clip-On Dock for Body Cameras & Radios
  • Suitable for Belts, Pockets, Radios Loops and more
  • Part of the KlickFast Locking System
  • Rugged, Durable, Nylon Polymer
  • Fits all KlickFast Studs
  • Made in Britain
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40 in stock

Police Body Camera icon Clip-On Dock for Body Cameras and Radios
The KlickFast Clip-On Dock (DOCK011) is a versatile little tool that allows users to attach key equipment to their person without the need to feed it through or physically attach the dock to their uniform. Simply slide it on and attach your device.
KlickFast Mount Icon Part of the KlickFast Locking System
The KlickFast Clip-On Dock is an official part of the KlickFast system which is the industry standard for locking and securing essential equipment. Simply slide your body camera, radio, or whichever other device has a KlickFast stud attached, into the dock, twist and it will now be secured in place. You can also have your equipment sitting at up to 7 different angles depending on preference.
Belt with equipment icon Suitable for Belts, Pockets, Radio Loops and more
One of the great things about this KlickFast Clip-On Dock is that it gives you much more choice on placement than some of the other KlickFast options. It can be slid into pockets, radios loops, as well as onto belts and other straps. The tongue of the clip puts pressure on the surface that it is attached to, holding it in place. This means that the firmer the surface, the tighter that the dock will hold.
Robust and Durable Icon Rugged, Durable, Nylon Polymer
The KlickFast Clip-On Dock is made from the same incredibly durable nylon Polymer as most of the other members of the KlickFast family. It is highly robust and can be used in all weathers. It will not rust and is resistant to the elements as well as physical shocks.
Klickfast Stud Icon Fits All KlickFast Studs
As an official part of the KlickFast Locking System, this Clip-On Dock for Body Cameras and Radios will fit any genuine Peter Jones KlickFast Stud.
Made in Britain Icon Made in Britain
Peter Jones is world-famous for their KlickFast products and while they are sold globally, all of their products are produced at their factory in Britain.
Total Length 7cm
Total Width 5cm
Total Height 2cm
Tongue Length 5.5cm
Tongue Width 2.7cm
Weight 15g
Colour Black
Materials Nylon, Polyester, Leather, Steel, Elastic
Dock Compatibility KlickFast
Dock Placement Pockets, Belts, Radio Loops, Epaulettes
Suitable For Body Cameras, Radios
Warranty 12 Months

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