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Peter Jones KlickFast 50mm Belt Clip (DOCK03)

  • KlickFast Dock for Body Cams and Radios
  • Secures Essential Equipment to User’s Belt
  • 7 Locking Positions
  • High-Impact Nylon Dock
  • Suitable for Belts up to 50mm Width
  • Fits All Official KlickFast Male Connectors
  • Made in the UK
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88 in stock

KlickFast Logo Icon KlickFast Dock for Body Cameras and Radios
The Peter Jones KlickFast 50mm Belt Clip, sometimes known as a Dock 03, is part of the KlickFast Locking System. KlickFast is well-known amongst emergency services and security in the UK and is now the industry standard. It allows users to rapidly deploy equipment while ensuring they are securely attached while performing their duties.
Belt with equipment icon Secures Essential Equipment to User’s Belt
The KlickFast Belt Clip is used to secure essential equipment to the users belt. The belt is fed through the clip and can be adjusted to sit at any position on the belt. Using a KlickFast Stud (Male Connector) which is attached to the device, the user simply needs to turn it upside down, slid it in to the dock and twist which will secure the device in place.
7 Locking Positions Icon 7 Locking Positions
Like all KlickFast docks, the Peter Jones Dock 03 has 7 locking positions that allow you to position the mounted device at. This means that if you prefer to have a radio, camera or torch at a 45° or 90° angle on the belt, you can.
Robust_Icon High Impact Nylon Dock
The Peter Jones KlickFast 50mm Belt Clip is made from rugged, high-impact Nylon. This means that the dock is very hard to bend and does not easily warp. It can resist a lot of direct force and will not snap unless put under a high level of pressure.
50mm KlickFast belt clip icon Suitable for Belts up to 50mm Width
The width of the Dock 03 allows for belts of up to 50mm to be fed through the back. This means that it is suitable for thinner utility and normal formal belts. When choosing klickfast belt clip, it is best to match the size with the width of the belt it will be used with. If the belt is two thin, the device will hang, if the belt is too thick, then the clip will not fit.
Klickfast Dock Icon Fits All Official KlickFast Male Connectors
The KlickFast System takes a one size fits all approach. All official KlickFast male and female connectors will fit each other. This means that as long as the device you will use with the Dock 03 with has a Peter Jones KlickFast male connector, you will not have any problems.
Made_in_the_UK Icon Made in the UK
Peter Jones is a well-known British Brand who produce the vast majority of their docks and harnesses in the UK. They are known for the ruggedness and quality of their products.
Weight 15g
Length 64mm
Width 53mm
Thickness 14mm
Colour Black
Materials High-Impact Nylon
Dock Compatibility KlickFast
Dock Placement Belt
Belt Size Up to 50mm
Warranty 12 Months

Peter Jones Belt Dock Introduction Video

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