JLC Mini Body Camera

  • Mini Body Camera for Civilians
  • Low-Cost No Frills Body Camera
  • 1080p HD Recording
  • Limited Night-Vision
  • 360° Rotatable Clip
  • 90° Lens Angle
  • 32GB Memory
  • 4 Hours Continuous Recording
  • 6 Hours Standby
  • Looped Recording
  • White Label Product
  • Includes USB cable
  • Made in China
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Police Body Camera icon Mini Body Camera for Civilians
The JLC Mini Body Camera is great for civilians and members of the public who are looking for a cheap and small device to use when out walking the dogs, running or doing other errands. Weighing in at less than 45g and being under 5cm in length (minus the USB rivet), the JLC Mini Body Camera is unobtrusive and can be clipped easily to pockets or the edges of clothing.
Cost_Effective_Icon Low-Cost No-Frills Body Camera
Unlike many of the other body cameras available at Interconnective, the JLC Mini Body Camera does not attempt to impress with high technical specs or sizeable batteries. Instead, it aims to be exactly what it is, a cheap, no-frills recording device for members of the public who need an extra level of security while they are going about their business.
Mini Body Camera Icon Action Packed Little Package
Despite its stature and price point, the JLC Mini Body Camera is capable of 1080p recording and can record for up to 4 hours continuously. It also has Infra-Red night vision with a range of 4 meters. The JLC Mini Body Camera uses looped recording so that there is no need to constantly download footage to free up space. It is recommended that you download footage after an incident to ensure that nothing is recorded over once your storage is full.
Rotatable_Lens_Body_Cam 360° Rotatable Clip
The JLC Mini Body Camera comes with a 360° rotatable clip that allows you to attach it to pockets, radio loops, lapels or any edge of clothing. If needed, you can even clip it to your shirt horizontally and rotate the camera so that it is still recording the right way up.
White Label Icon White Label Product
The JLC Mini Body Camera is a common white label product which means that it is widely sold in the UK under different names on different websites but is produced by the same manufacturer abroad.
Whats_in_the_box Icon What’s in the box?
The JLC Mini Body Camera ships with one camera, a USB cable and an instruction manual.
Made in China Icon Made in China
The JLC Mini Body Camera was made in the People’s Republic of China.
Length 5cm (incl USB Port)
Width 4.5cm
Height 3.3cm
Weight 44g
Recording Resolution 1080p
Lens Angle 90 Degrees
Recording Time Up to 4 Hours
Standby Time Up to 6 Hours
Storage 32GB
USB Cable Included Yes
Looped Recording Yes
Infrared Range 4m

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