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The Partner Body Worn Video

The Partner Body Worn Video

The Partner Body Worn Video

The  Partner Body  Worn Video System (BWVS)

IMG_4154The  Partner Body  Worn Video System (BWVS) has  become  an  essential  part  of  the  frontline security  professional’s  toolkit.  Not  only  does  the BWVS  provide  evidence  as  an  independent witness, but it has been proven to reduce physical violence as well as verbal abuse. The Partner BWVS has been developed to assist frontline security personnel by ensuring secure critical video and  audio capture.  The  battery  can  be  swapped in service to ensure the camera remains in operation  and  it  can  also  be  charged separately to  the  device  to  sustain continuous  use of  the camera. An infrared functionality turns on the infrared LEDs, either manually or automatically, to illuminate in the dark  when required  to  ensure  the best  quality  recording.  A  white  light  LED provides  additional  illumination as required. Its functionality, lightweight  robust  design  and leading edge technology make our system the BWVS of choice. Please click here to download Home Office recommendations for Body Worn Video Systems

Data from the device can ONLY be retrieved once connected to a computer – for which a 6 digit alpha/numeric Password is required. The video is not encrypted on the device to make it easy to view once it gets to the PC. This means that you will not have to purchase separate encryption/decryption licences for every PC that wishes to view this data.

Given that The Partner BWVS is a sealed unit and that the 32GB of internal memory is soldered onto the motherboard, even if the unit is lost in the field its data will not be compromised.

Key Features

  • Proven to reduce physical and verbal abuse
  • Full HD recording (1080p)
  • Time/Date/Device and GPS ( optional )
  • Information displayed on each frame as a watermark
  • Pre-Record functionality of up to 10 minutes
  • 32GB onboard memory
  • In service exchangeable batteries
  • Ruggedised and lightweight
  • 4 hours continuous recording on a single battery
  • Wide angle 120° lens
  • 6 x IR lights for night-time recording up to 15 metres
  • White LED for additional illumination
  • One button recording
  • High quality built-in microphone
  • Additional extension camera options, such as a discreet camera or a headcam