Interconnective Security Products
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Interconnective Limited, is a UK based company supplying law enforcement and security products supplier, with associate operations in South Africa and Australia. Core products include The Partner Patrol Solutions, including The Partner Tuff, Jack Ellis Body Protection, which is the lightest all in one body armour, The Partner Body Worn Video System, Specialist Adams Metal Detectors, TurtleSkin Gloves, The Partner Vehicle Search Solutions and LED Lenser Torches.

The Partner and SecurityGear are registered Trade Marks of Interconnective Limited. “One of the cornerstones of the soul of our business is commitment to all stakeholders, making sure we do what we promise. In order to meet our commitments we have four core values, Innovation, Focus, Agility and Entrepreneurship.

Innovation, we spend a lot of time researching and understanding the security industry and market. This enables us to grow products and services that match the needs of our stakeholders. Focus encompasses single mindedness, determination, and delivering what we set out to do. The ever changing services environment drives the services industry and its market demands requiring Agility from our business to meet those needs. Entrepreneurship creates a business that is based on calculated risk, through careful strategic planning and the development and growth of our team.” says Interconnective Director, Bobby Logue. Interconnective is a business with a clear and focussed mission of where the company is headed, underpinned by distinct values and specific objectives that roadmaps its future.