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Interconnective Security Products

Ever since its establishment in 2000, Interconnective Security Products has been passionate about improving both the protection and the tools of the trade, of frontline security personnel. All our core products are underpinned by supplier research and development facilities, with a clear roadmap as to future developments, based on customer feedback. Interconnective receives monthly feedback from our customers, which in turn is provided to our suppliers, alongside current market trends. Interconnective has a clear and focused mission as to the direction that the company is headed, underpinned by distinct values and specific objectives which roadmap its future. We invite you to view our SlideShare below which gives a preview of our core products.

Jack Ellis Body Armour

Jack Ellis Body Armour has withstood the test of time. We invite you to view our Body Armour demonstration below which boasts over 570,000 views on YouTube. The informative video is still a hot topic of debate five years on from its original upload. In addition to its ability to withstand ballistic attack, even when wet, Jack Ellis Body Armour withstands knifes, needles, shrapnel and blunt trauma. This life saving equipment also offers an unrivalled 10 years manufacturer’s warranty and £10 million liability insurance.

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